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n wealth, abundance: intlem .i. fagbail no reic no fuillem, ut est ni bi eric tar on, ... tar einech n-indtlem, O'Dav. 1087. indlem .i. ō indili, O'Mulc. 724. inntliomh .i. ionnmas. Brian nach ar thaisigh inntleamh ... `B. has not hoarded wealth,' O'Cl. gan airgiod gan inntliomh óir, Ó Bruad. iii 162.13 . do théacht inntliomh uaisle is oirbheirt `he united stores of noble rank and deeds,' 210.21 . is indlem fuair in magh | in ingen ān inna heol it was riches that the plain received—the noble maiden in her grief?, BB 403a27 ( Metr. Dinds. iv 146.15 reads : 'sind léim).