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5 fál 1name of the stone at Temair (Tara; known as the Lia Fáil 2a name of Ireland 3name of Beggery Island, Co. Wexford
géisid cries out, roars, shrieks.; groans, creaks; Of the Lia Fáil
1 íartach restitution, compensation, the immediate lia- bility as against `tanaiste' a remote liability
1 lía 1 Stone.; Whetstone; Upper millstone; millstone; Standing stone, pillar-stone, usually of a memorial stone, one marking place of death or burial; Ogham-stone; grave, tomb; missile-stone, slingstone; slingstone; Stone of Destiny; In names of mosses or fungus
2 lía 1 Flood, spate; Of sea, rivers, rainwater; Of human blood