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Forms: loigthech, lagthach

adj o, ā (logud) also loigthech, lagthach: dicitur cumlachtach in duine lāigt[h]ech (leg. laigthech. loigthech v.l.) ālgen ērnes nī do chach the generous man, Corm. Y 306 . is luigtech in dobriathar . . . is laigtech risin mbreithir (of syllable which takes no accent), Auraic. 4132 - 5 (`weak' Gloss.) is amlaid batar-sum . . . lam-gela laichthecha (of daughters of Adrastus) `high bred', TTebe 731 . teni laigtheach os legaib lainderda `sparkling', Cog. 54.3 . Fiacha Labrainne laighthech (`Lessener'), Fen. 54.12 . frémh laghthach Éiremhóin uill `generous', Gleanings from Irish manuscripts 30 § 9 . Cf. lagach.