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Last Revised: 2013


adj o, ā (compd. of leth? or perh. derivative of 1 leithet, Ériu xxxv 3 n. 8 ) epithet of a class of briugu, higher in rank than a b. cétach ; ample (?): briugu leiteac, diablad tocusa la suidiu, coiri ainsicc lais; tri ramuta lais, Laws v 78.7 ; glossed: leth is deach, is togaidi, d'imarcraid aigi seach in fer romuind (sc. in b. cétach), 9 . diablad tochusa in briugad cedaigh acun briugaid leteach, 11 Comm . in briughadh leithech .i. da cet do cach crudh aici, i 46.24 Comm . oca mbí caire ansic . . . is eside in briugaidh lethdech, y Comm . ben in briugadh leitig, v 386.22 Comm . briugadh lethtech .i. daghleth araine acco sech in mbriugad cedach, O'Curry 1988 ( H 4.22, p. 24 ). Also applied to a bóaire: boaire lethtech .i. do daghleth airáin aice seach in boaire, O'Curry 1983 ( H 4.22 p. 20 ).