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1 les 1 relief, redress, remedy; cause, case; affair, matter; acts in the interests of x, looks after x; engaged upon x's affairs 2 advantage, good, benefit, profit, interest; advantage and prosperity; for the benefit of x; supporters, advocates 3 usual hospitality 4 care(?); manure(?)
2 les 1the space about a dwelling-house or houses enclosed by a bank or rampart; farmyard, courtyard; a (large) settlement, probably within an enclosure, and by extension a city,2a palisade or stockade; by extension rampart 3a ringfort, circular earthwork
3 les 1 buttock, hip, haunch; buttocks, posterior 2 thighs(?) 3 side, thigh
1 lés 1 light, radiance; light of the day; of the sky; daylight; night-time; illumina- tion (of the mind) (?) 2 window or opening to admit light 3 flush, blush or burning spot on a person's face caused by being satirized
2 lés bag, bladder; Of the human bladder