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Forms: lecet

adj also lecet (Lat. licitum, licet ) lawful, allowed, permitted by law (predic. only). Of food: air is lecet du sudib erbert biuth hua cech sasad `it is lawful for them to enjoy every food', Ml. 69a23 . nech bas lobar is l.¤ dó praind hi cach trath, Ériu vii 146 § 6 , cf. 150 § 18 . is l.¤ doaib sercla tírmai di cach toruth, 140 § 3. is liceth doaib imthormach mbeorgine asin troscad aidchi domnaig, ibid. Of a rule: riagul in Choimded inso / is l.¤ cia nospromae, Ériu i 202 § 29. Cf. l.¤ .i. glanadh no nighi, ut est ni hétach idhan do nach l.¤ , O'Dav. 1176.