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v Appar. perf. subj. of ibid. See Thurn. Gramm. 471 . nech aslu lind imbi luch marb . . . nech aslu fuilred cait . . . nech aslu fuidel lochad `anyone who drinks liquid', Ériu vii 146 § 4 . nech aslu coirm combi mesc, § 7. nech atlu fuil cait, 150 § 21. acht ropa techtae adlúsat `provided that they drink a proper amount', Mon. Tall. § 53 (147.24) .

Cf. lúsaid.


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v see imm-téit.

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Forms: lui, lai, lue

n (g s. lui, lai infra may indicate orig. lue, io): iathlu .i. etti-lū .i. bec a eti, Corm. Y 776 . l.¤ cach mbecc, 797 . lelap .i. laulep .i. láu cech mbec, Corm. Bodl. 8.22 . l.¤ .i. bec, O'Mulc. 771 , 791 . Note also: lu .i. olc, ut dicitur: ni len lu lessugud, O'Mulc. 792 . lúada .i. l.¤ gach mbeag, O'Cl.

In Laws Comm. something small, thing of small value (opp. of cleithe): cid im lu, cid im cleithi, Laws i 54.18 . cid bec .i. im lu. Cid mor .i. im cleithe, iii 38. y . noco nuil deithbir lui na cleithi im in cumail sin that c. is a fixed payment, 100.6 . fo aicned lai no cleithi `according to the nature of major or minor (value)', 144.15 . gid cutrumus lui gid cutrumus clethe `whether equal to small or equal to large (cattle)', iv 200.32 . a ngaid lui, iii 108.11 . in cethruime rand dec a ngait laoi ann, v 170.y . cach athgabala co ruigi l.¤ ┐ im lu fein, i 224.7 . derbforghell luí `a false oath respecting the stealing of an article of little value', iii 394.13 . Taken by Laws edd. as compar. in: mad lu, is let log enech `if less. . .', i 140.29 . coir cemad lu [orro] `it is right that there should be less (fine imposed) upon them', iii 504.8 . In cheville: sluínd go lu, iv 218.3 . Cf. Stokes Laws Crit. 22.

Perh. also: núide lui gl. nouacula, Sg. 59b14 - 15 . See note in Thes.

Compds. ¤barc small ship (if not for lúath- or lúth-): lan do longaib ┐ do lúbarccaib, Acall. 6920. 6504 . longa ┐ lugbarca, TTr.² 112. Ériu viii 18.31 . ? ¤chethra: direnar landire ro suidiged i comdire . . . fri lu cethra `for the small cattle', Laws iv 200.3 . ¤lai see 3 lai. ¤láeg (in etymol. gl. on lulaig): lu .i. cach mbec, unde dicitur, lulaigh .i. laeg mbec, O'C. 110 ( H.3.18, 71 ). ¤orc small pig : lulaig ł luuan ł luorc CIH iii 1109.22 . ¤úan small lamb : lulaig ł luuan ł luorc CIH iii 1109.22 .