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1 mer 1 at our wit's end (?); active, spirited; sprightlier; nimblest, fastest 2of the mentally deficient 3 spirited, mettlesome 4common epithet of sea 5 wild, rash, precipitate, etc.; raging; eager' (? extravagant, fantastic; wild, gusty 6 swift (impulsive) in bounty 7 furious battle; by mistake; swift stream, torrent; mad-head', epithet of sea; recklessness; a rash deed; infatuation; quickly (? rashly) replenish 8 talked wildly, raved
1 mér A digit, finger; a toe.; Used as measure; `the nail on the fingers', legal term denoting the lowest division of `fine' or family-group; with — fingers, — fingered; crooked-fingered; long-fingered (-toed); slender- fingered; hand-sluggish
2 mér mulberry; Name of a berry, blackberry?