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Forms: moethlu, mæthla, moethal, maíthul, maothail

n ā, f., (maeth) beestings, clotted milk or curds, cheese ; acc. to Manners and Customs iii Gloss. `food consisting of nut-meal and milk, oatmeal and milk, cheese, etc.' In pl. of messes of above food or of round cheeses. maothal .i. maoth ┐ fuil, Corm. Y 927. a más mar leth-mæthail, Corm. p. 36 s.v. prúll. for maethla matha (.i. mess ┐ torud), RC xxvi 28 § 114 , copied by O'Cl. s.v. maothla. fodluidh doib-sium biadh amar mhæthla, RC xiv 46 § 54. maethla ┐ im ┐ saill, Moling § 14. a p. moethlu, § 17 . do moethail buic mellaig, MacCongl. 67.27 . g s. mæthla, 93.9 . g p. moethal, 85.20 ; maíthul, 119.38 . ni do mhoethail no do chaisse `biestings', Rule of Tallaght § 4. Transf. of soft substances resembling curds: do maithlaib uilc inchinne, LL 198a22 = do braínib a n-imchinde, Metr. Dinds. iii 82. In n.l. of soft or boggy soil, see Hog. Onom. s.v. maothail.