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Forms: magar

n o, m., For discussion of meaning and development see Gwynn, Ériu iii 190.

I Spawn? orc brec . . . bruchtas di m.¤ [de mhagur LB, de magur, Bodl.] fo muirib .i. bradan di m.¤, is ed a domnæ (`a salmon which is bursting with spawn . . . with spawn, that is, its young', Gwynn), Corm. Y 1018 s.v. orc treith. siu no betis . . . talam tīr | nā muir mīl mēt m.¤ muad, SR 7858 (g p.?). Hence fry, small fish: magur .i. min-iasc, Corm. Y 955. O'Cl. (maghar). ní sain bloach (.i. míol mór) is maghar (.i. miniasg), Hard. ii 298.8 . lomnan magair is muirmhil, Irish Texts ii 19 § 23.

II In fig. sense, bait, allurement; wheedling speech, `blarney'; conversation? co cúala in fagur . . . ropo magur co mór-nim `a lure of baleful might' (of mermaids' song), Metr. Dinds. iii 190 . grāibre .i. m.¤ .i. briathra grata, Corm. Y 724 , cf. O'Mulc. 688. maghar .i. briathar, O'Cl. ní ba mín far m.¤ , TBC-LL¹ 3267 (refers to combat fixed between Fer Diad and Cuchulainn) = ni ba reid bar mbagar, TBC-I¹ 2456 (b added later above line); `Drohen' Wind. reading with YBL; perhaps it will be no smooth exchange of compliments? cf. fuaim na sgiath da sgaradh | nochar mīn an madar (magar v.l.), Celt. Rev. iii 304 (`it was no slight encounter' transl., taking magar as = ` fish-fry ', hence anything petty). mend cech maghar, ZCP viii 195 § 10. Cf. further: crand casmoṅgach n-a láim. magarscís echraide (of a driver in a chariot; for coaxing on weary horses?), LL 189b27 . is [ferr] lium in bainis anocht ná amáirech ach ce maith a maghair (scribe's note), O'Gr. Cat. 131.22 ; I had rather the wedding-feast were to-night than to-morrow, provided the fare (lit. baits) be good?