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Last Revised: 2013


n , f., (abstr. from manach, or perhaps <monachia `cella seu obedientia ab Abbatia dependens', Du Cange ).

(a) a monastic family or community: cach m.¤ (.i. fine manach), Laws iii 36.1 , 6 . sléchtid Iserninus du Patricc for a manchi ┐ a andoóit, Ardm. 18a1 = Thes. ii 241.3 , Trip. 344 (but here in sense service according to Byrne, Peritia iii 316 ). biaid relec d'arc[h]anglib im c[h]luain . . . do dín ma degmainc[h]e `to preserve my good services' (? to protect my community), BColm. 30.23 . loc a hadnaicthi 'n-a húir mainche dilis `in its own conventual (?) mould', RC xii 424.18 .

(b) service (gifts, tribute) rendered to a monastic community or its head: cuir na saermanach . . . gin cindu do techt fuithib acht giallna ┐ mainche , Laws ii 218.2 Comm. focerd a mainche fri eagluis, iii 68.5 (i.e. becomes a `manach' or ecclesiastical tenant?). is eadh is ail damh, mas airichthe mo dhuthracht curub airichte mo m.¤ la Senán (i.e. that S. may perceive not only my zeal but these tangible proofs of it), Lism. L. 2363. im ba ar ndilsi co n-ar claind a mainche duit-si? Anecd. i 41 (`shall we and our descendants be in servitude to thee?' Ériu iv 43 ).