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npr. m. the god Mars (prob. a later Mid.Ir. loan-word; in SR 103 the Lat. form Mars is used). do M.¤ .i. do dea in cathæ, CCath. 3704. rind Mairt the planet of Mars, 1031 . co tempul m.¤ , PH 2486. ídal m.¤ , 2500 .


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Last Revised: 2019

n indecl. and ī, f.(Lat. Martis) Tuesday , absol. or with dia: mairt .i. a Marte .i. dia catha la geinti, Corm. Y 892 . luan do thobar, in mairt don lind, Laws iv 216.24 . in mhairt ria Cáisc, LB 120 marg. sup. adaig máirti ria Samain, RC xxii 416 . a mochdeadhoil na maidne Mairti, MR 112.4 . dia mairt , SR 8708 . is dia Mairt doronadh an talam, Laws i 26.21 . die máirt ... do-fuit atbai i roí Ruis 'on a Tuesday ... he [will] die of a tumour in the battle-field of Ross', B. in Scáil² 45 § 50 . fuairsum olc dia mairt in mind, Ériu v 246. 241 . Of a battle fought on a Tuesday: máirt hi Crinda céin mbess bith 'a Tuesday battle in Crinna as long as the world will be', B. in Scáil² 37 § 13 . máirt hi Liphimaig 'a Tuesday battle on the Liffey plain', B. in Scáil² 38 § 14 .