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Forms: mane

n ā, f., (Lat. manus?) a hand (in B. na f.): m.¤ a manu , Corm. Y 866. m.¤ lámh, 912 . m.¤ .i. lamh: mane a re[i]mm (i.e. its genitive is `mane'), 956 . Cf. also: m.¤ moaigthe dagdaine (of St. Senan: a hand that makes great i.e. fosters the good?), ZCP iii 223 § 3 (glossed .i. matan metaigthe na ṅdagdaine).


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ind in biadh m.¤ docht gach duine, SG 28.41 . tri coicait cét n-anart n-imdha co ndath n-adarc mirrda m.¤ , LL 296a23 = SG 362.14 .