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Last Revised: 2019


Forms: máirm, mairb, moírb, mairm, marbh

adj o, ā. adj. and subst. g s m. máirm, LU 5327 = mairb, TBC-I¹ 851. n p m. moírb, Wb. 11b11 . mairm, LU 3478 ( SCC 25 ). marbh (o, m. subst.), IGT Dec. § 96.

(a) dead; (subst.) a dead person; mortal; in religious lit. often fig. in sense either mortified, insensible, or spiritually dead . Transl. Lat. mortuus, Wb. 3b6 , 4a6 , Ml. 49c6 , etc. amal da marb i n-adnacul two dead persons in a grave, Wb. 20c26 . esseírge inna n-uile m.¤ , 13d16 . asreracht Crist hó marbaib, 13b12 . m.¤ cen anmain, TBC-LL¹ 1571. duine m.¤ hi curp beo, PH 8382. praind do tomailt la m.¤ hi tig with a dead man in the house, Mon. Tall. § 65. bit lia ar mairb oldáte ar mbí, FB 5. at marbu (= marba) anmanda na n-uli doíne, PH 2386. doraga do mess for bíu ┐ marbu, 3633 . dob'i sidhe cēd-marbh Erenn diob the first of them to die in Ireland, Leb. Gab.(i) i 74. lá féile na marb All Souls' day , AFM iv 1084.15 . cisde na marbh a coffin , Eg. Gl. 116.

(a 1) dying; on the point of death; lifeless, unconscious : ┐ se marb 'sin glind 'and he dying' PMLA lvi 940 . grech muíce mairbe 'das Geschrei einer sterbenden Sau' IT iii.1 104 § 201 , Sitzungsb. Pr. Akad. 1919, 545 n. 3 . dorala sain [sic leg.] marb di muaid móir ... ri ré cían, TBC-LL¹ 4285, 4436 . in liaig marb ... berti robad, TBC(C) 2415 . do thuit féin ... ┐ ba marb hé asa aithli acht gé dho éirig arís, CF² 1338 .

(b) used idiomatically with poss. pron.: is mo beo ragas . . . ┐ mo m.¤ fócebthar icon dún I shall be left behind dead, TBC-LL¹ 1224 , cf. 1251 , 1332 . co tabrad a m.¤ ar(a) beolu a brathar he was carried dead, TBC-I¹ 1637. conid a mm.¤ tarraid talam a nónbur (= the nine of them fell dead to earth), FB 84. co riacht a m.¤ dochum talman, TTébe 2855 (= co riacht marbh, Eg.).

(c) with cop. often as periphrasis for vb. to die: conid i ngiallnus is m.¤ Fiachna so that F. died as a hostage, RC xxiv 182.23 (cf. Lat. mortuus est). dochoidh co Ferta . . . conadh [ann] is marbh, ZCP xiii 173.17 . bid m.¤ tussa fén anocht thou shalt die, PH 298. ba m.¤ Lugaid a chetoir oca descin, died immediately on beholding her, Ériu v 212.2 . conid and robo m.¤ , iii 136.37 . cid c'ait bud m.¤ wherever he might die, Fen. 136.12 . Cf. similar use of Welsh marw. As pass. of vb. marbaid: gommo m.¤ laiss cu Caulaind C.'s hound was killed by him, IT i 140.16 . nir ba m.¤ mac ria athair . . . ocaind riam no son was ever killed by his father among us, Alex. 881 (but prob. we should read with R. riana athair = no son ever died before his father). innis dó Cú Ch. do beth marbh d'feraibh Éirenn, Comp. CC 115.22 ( Med. and Mod. Ir. Ser. iii ). With ellipse of cop.: m.¤ de chumaid a oenmic, MacCarthy 144.5 . Gand, Genand, marba de thám, 150 § 2. marba na caírig do brith a n-úan, LL 218b15 ( TTr. 112 ). marbh Cusantin iartain, BNnÉ 303 § 13.

(d) Of inanimate things and fig.: is m.¤ mo guth exhausted , SCC 29. an linn mh.¤ stagnant pool , RC xxiv 375.7 . is dearbh gur tír mharbh tír gan tighearna, Maguires of F. § 88. gráin mharbh ` deadly ', O'Gr. Cat. 532.5. fer na pairilis[e] mairbe deadly, fatal , RC xii 334 § 25. m.¤ na pesde the monster's corpse, BCC § 321.


(a) with noun, used in various technical legal terms (often oppd. to beo-): ¤bél: fer mar[b]beil (one who cannot plead for himself), Laws v 252.28 Comm. ¤coirpdire ` dead-body-fine', fine for a fatal injury (oppd. to beo-c., imposed for an injury not causing death), Laws v 434.13 Comm. ; Cóic Con. 55 § 124. ¤crod ` dead stock', property of the dead , Laws v 430.26 ; ` carcasses of the cattle ', i 300.2 Comm. ¤dil ` dead chattels' i.e. inanimate possessions (oppd. to beo-d. `live stock'), Laws ii 288.3 . marbdili ┐ beocethra, 258.5 . beodil ┐ marbdile, Corm. Y 531. trí bí focherdat marbdili (i.e. cattle shedding their horns, a wood its leaves, cattle their fell), Triads 105. ¤dílse ` dead property ': mairbdilsi .i. ni dobeir nech fri hudacht .i. fri bas; no mairbdilsi .i. dilsi do na hetar fuasnad tre bithu betha, H 3.18 p. 392 ( O'Curry 871 ), i.e. either property bequeathed at death, or property permanently alienated in mortmain. im ard [leg. ord] manach marbdilsi (.i. inni ēm ordaiter do dilsi leisin manach marb), Laws v 498.4 , 16 . ¤folad ` dead wealth': is cach feistidh fiach frisgni marbfolta nó is é gnías tagra iman folaid agartar for in marb , O'Dav. 896 = claims on a dead man's estate? ¤gabáil f. a death-due , apparently a duty levied on tenants after their chief's death by his successor in order to pay to the church the `cennaithe' of the deceased (Plummer MS. slips). Laws i 184.5 , 20 fg. m. .i. bai gaibter onn cheili do chomarba na flatha mairbe, H 3.18 p. 371a ( O'Curry 799 ). Perhaps same as: togbail marbtha, Laws ii 118 n . ¤maicne, see maicne. ¤ maín f.: di nach marbmuin ` death-benefits ', Laws ii 272.15 (glossed: cin maine dō on marb-sin). ¤manchaine f. see maicne and manchaine. ¤riar f. food-dues paid in dead cattle (Laws Gloss.): ` service due to chief after his death, such as attending his funeral , etc.' O'Don. Sup. deich mbeoriara ┐ secht mairbriara do flaith fo irgiallna: aen mairbriar ┐ secht mbeoriara do flaith cuitrig, H 3.17, c. 415 ( O'D. 510 ).

In other compds. meaning variously dead, pertaining to the dead, inanimate: ¤alt ` death-dirge ', Metr. Dinds. iii 50.3 . ¤cích: athgabail dingbala meic dia marbchich a mathar from his dead mother's breast, Laws i 226.33 . ¤cnaí ` dead fleece', covering of the dead: im marbchnai n-armaige `for stripping the slain', Laws i 174.30 , glossed: in cnai bis dar in marb , 176.20 ; a woollen shroud , Loth, RC xliii 407. ¤cró (crú) blood of a dead person, gore: o marbcru, Laws i 140.31 Comm. ¤dúil f. a lifeless thing: aitteoch frit cech beothach . . . atteoch frit cech marbduil, ZCP viii 232 § 9. bennacht . . . for a mbéoduil ┐ a marbdhuil, iv 242.25 (leg. -dil for -duil?). na marbduile cen dliged cen tuicsi, PH 3368. ¤édáil f. lifeless booty: mairbedala mora ┐ capaill do thabairt leo, AU ii 456.23 . AFM iv 896.18 . ¤fásc swathings of a corpse , see Eg. Gl. 362. Dinneen . Frequent in Mod.Ir. imprecation: marbh-ḟáisg ort! ¤gein (<gein birth, child?): as npr. m. Mairbgein mac Mogha Ruith, Anecd. ii 77.2 . ¤lia f. a grave-stone , Metr. Dinds. iv 94.36 . ¤linn f. a standing pool: in mairblind, YBL 83b16 . ¤nath see marbnad. ¤uisce stagnant water , ACL iii 248.10 . Auraic. 1321.

(b) with adj. formed from noun: ¤craidech faint-hearted , RC xix 122 § 86. marbhlamach having a withered arm , BNnÉ 296.8 .