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1 mell 1a ball, sphere, round mass; pearls (?); beads; Of metal balls used as weapons; maces; tuft; Of hailstones; knops 2a round protuberance, swelling, etc.; buttocks; Esp. of lumps (swellings, impostumes, etc.) on body; throat (`Adam's apple'); a cretin
2 mell destruction; confusion, error? undoing?
3 mell pleasant, delightful; pleasantly; sport, game, revelry?; play-fields
mell-cainenn an onion?
melle, mell name of an edible herb (onion?)
mesc(c) 1 drunk, intoxicated; transf. of liquor intoxicating; mixed, confused, muddled 2 confusion, pell-mell; a drunk man (?); in confusion, mixed up; in (into) the midst of