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Forms: melta, comella, mellad

v ā. (<3 mell?) beguiles, seduces, deceives (by flattery, fair promises, etc.): a Eua, rot-mellustar inti rot-mell i Partus, MacCarthy 66.17 ( LB 112b38 ). no melltais na dee bréce na doine, uair mellaid demuin tria eladain in drém, PH 1949. déntar airechus nach mella in ceól sídi sinn, Fianaig. 58.8 . mellfaid Zacharias sind, LB 144a42 . mellaid in tsraid gel griananach fer frimeolach (leg. prím-) a bright road with sunny bowers beguiles (even) a man of great experience, ACL iii 234 § 12 . is e Manchin melltais [de] | don chochlín they wheedled M. out of the little cloak, MacCongl. 109.26 . rot-mellad-su deside, RC xiii 110 § 152 = LL 307b9 (`thou art cozened in the bargain', SG ii 423 ). ní mealloim mná I wile no women, Duan. F. i 80.31 . an dream mheallas lé cluanaireacht (= quos blanditiis decipit), TSh. 7784. meall é entice him, Judges xvi 5. With transference of obj.: dá mealltáoi . . . na háith . . . oramsa `if the fords were forced against me' (i.e. if I were beguiled), Ériu ix 4.25 . Part. is melta Nede dont ṡuide i ndessid N. is deceived by the chair in which he has seated himself, LL 186b16 ( RC xxvi 15 n. 6 ). misi féin as meallta dhe sin muna ḟédur if I do not deceive myself I can do it, Acall. 982. Fails, disappoints: nim-reilge an Rí, . . . ní nom-mella, ZCP v 497.14 . in glún geal | nachar meall lúgh d'a lingfeadh which never failed (him in) any athletic feat, Ériu iv 218 § 23. ? nir cian disi co melladh a maigistir i ngach elathain, ZCP vi 24.10 = comella, RC x 187.19 (`she surpassed her master', ZCP, taking vb. as from millid).

vn. mellad u, m. enticing, wheedling, seducing, deceiving: mín alaind tic diabul do m.¤ chaich, PH 7247. da coimedair-se do genmnaidect . . . gan melludh do breith ort without being overtaken by any beguilement, BCC § 64. do mhealladh a chomharsan, TSh. 10342. ar daigin meallta with intent to deceive, Laws v 132.18 Comm. laoithe meallta `songs of flattery', A. Ó Dálaigh v 2 . obair mheallta, Proverbs xi 18. iomdha ainnir . . . ag iarraidh mo mheallta uait seeking to lure me from thee, Dánta Gr. xv 7 . In astronomical computation a deception, i.e. `leap' of the moon = Lat. saltus: dá melladh dég .i. dá tsaltus dég, O'Gr. Cat. 301.7. na sé cét meallta the first six deceptions, ib. 13 . Disappointing, failing: is m.¤ dún a héc co facbad tir occund it is a disappointment to us that he should die before leaving us land, BColm. 24.9 . na dena snim don m.¤ tugad fort the disappointment you have experienced, Aen. 1189. robadh mealladh mór dó muna dearnadh sídh friu-sumh, AFM v 2334.10 . gan meallad without fail (of the stars), ITS xiv 6.20 . Betraying, being false to: espuig . . . ag meallad a ngráidh, ZCP viii 209 § 49.