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Forms: mherracht

n ā, f., (mer) mental or emotional disturbance, excitement, derangement . m.¤ quasi mer-icht . . . .i. gnimh mer, Corm. Y 891. m.¤ a herma the madness of its gallop (of a horse), Laws iii 180.19 Comm. m.¤ a nuidlechais `the excitement of her new milk' (of a cow), 228.16 Comm. , cf. v 152.13 Comm. meisce merachta sain ┐ noco meisci lenna, iii 202.3 Comm. ro soerad Nabcudón . . . don meracht forsa mbui, RC xii 436 § 44 . ar na líonadh . . . do dhíomus ┐ do mhersacht `being elated with pride and ambition', TFrag. 158 (leg. mherracht).