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Forms: mes, mess, messa, messai, mesai, mesu, messu, meas, -a, mes, lānmheasa

n u, m., (vn. of midithir) n s. in mes , Ml. 30b24 . mess, Wb. 11b26 . g s. messa, 4c24 . messai, Mon. Tall. 6. n p. mesai, Ml. 55d11 . a p. mesu, Laws ii 246.8 . messu, LL 188a52 ( RC xxvi 36 ). meas (m., g s. n p. -a), IGT Decl. § 95 (p. 127.23) .

(a) the act of judging; a judgement, opinion: gl. censura, Ml. 24a1 , 27c13 ; aestimatio, 30b24 , 31d6 ; examinatio, 30c7 , 47a5 ; examen, 26c12 . meas .i. breath, O'Cl. mess dimicne, Wb. 11b26 , cf. Ml. 24a9 . cach mes co cubus, ACL iii 226 z . buden dib dogēntar do mes . . . buden aile díb na dingēntar do mes some of them will be subject to judgement, LU 2369 , 2375 ( RC iv 250 §§ 17 , 18 ).

With obj. gen.: [is] é a mess limm this is my opinion about it, Sg. 188a19 . ná bad dia mess let it not be to judge him, Wb. 6b5 . ragait aithle a mmessa dochom péné after they have been judged, LU 2370 ( RC xxiv 250 ). atu-sa . . . icom mes ó na dib rigu sechtmogat I am being judged by, PH 1408. doní P. taoiseach sluaigh do M. iar meas a chródhachta dó after judging of his valour, Keat. ii 681. Folld. by FOR (AR): nebmess for nech not judging any one, Wb. 8d26 . lēc-siu ildeth [= i lleth] nDé mess for a menmain-som leave it to God to judge the mind of such, Mon. Tall. 56. doraga [Críst] do mess for bíu ┐ marbu, PH 3632 , cf. 3159 , 5011 , 7284 . ni hinann meass is cōir for Cesair a right opinion of C., CCath. 757. dá ndeachainn a meas orra if I should enter into judgement on them, Content. xviii 92. madat comluatha . . . ním-lúaidfed mes ar a ṅdath if (the horses) are equally swift, I shall not be influenced by their colour, ZCP viii 217 § 2. ni hinnill rug . . . mess no brethnughadh ar in region, Fl. Earls 40.15 . ar mbreith dō mesa ar an ffonn after his forming an opinion on the land, Leb. Gab.(i) i 42. With subj. gen.: iar mes cech deg-athar dil, Metr. Dinds. iii 8. Absol., the faculty of judgement: is i in stair fa stiuir meassa under the guidance of judgement (?), BB 17b8 . nem[ḟ]agbail in measa | na feasa do thomus (sign of a degenerate age), ACL iii 240 § 3.

(b) the Last Judgement: nacham-tuca Demon lais . . . resiu doneither in mes, Ériu ix 50.4 . i llathiu in messa on Doomsday , Hy. ii 53. nípa hécen tene bratha . . . nó hadall messai doib, Mon. Tall. 6. i ló mheasa an mhórshluaigh, PBocht 102.25 .

(c) appraisement, estimate, valuation , with obj. gen. mess moga valuation of a slave, Laws v 394.5 . is e mess a loighe . . . in scriball, ii 240.10 Comm. mess tiri: tomus forrag, iv 340.8 . fri mesu ┐ toimsiu, ii 246.8 , with gl.: .i. cia ba fiu . . . .i. cia ba meit (from which it appears that `mes' = estimate of value , `tomus' measurement). Cf. mes .i. ó ṡúil ┐ tomus ó laim (i.e. a `mes' is formed by viewing, a `tomus' by measuring), O'Dav. 1244. cēt muc, cēt mart arna mhes (i.e. up to the required standard), ZCP viii 116.3 . This may be the meaning in the phrase: fri(a) m.¤ to be estimated = according to (its) valuation? .l. mart fria meas, BB 270b40 = ria meas, Leb. Cert. 64.2 . dá bairgin nár becc re mes, SG 20.27 . Cf. also: co n-érne in rí rán fri mess | ar cach ṅdán a miad diles pays for each art its proper honour according to due estimate (?), Metr. Dinds. iii 20. aicci no bítis ria mess | min-ṡeóit Medba, 464 . ba muccaid menmnach ria mess, iv 176.1 . Lugaid ainm cach meic ria mess, 136 . Further exx.: ag meas na gcloigeann examining (comparing), TSh. 7712. gidh cóir Meadhbh ré Móir do mhes to compare Meadhbh with Mór, IGT Dec. ex. 1024. g s. as attrib.: iiii longa lānmheasa of standard value (? measure), BB 276a26 . — Hence: meas .i. tomhus, O'Cl.

(d) opining, deeming, supposing , with obj. gen. or subord. clause: atáid cách . . . dá mheas gur dhearbh libh . . . every one suspects that, Content. xxvii 7. ní héidir a mheas go mbiadh . . TSh. 396.

(e) estimate , reputation , with defining gen.: meas naomhthachta fame of sanctity, Arch. Hib. i 87 § 19. is follus nach fuil . . . meas stáire fírinnighe ag na seanchadhaibh ar chath Fionntrágha that the shanachies do not regard the battle of Ventry as true history, Keat. i 50.5 . meas craosaigh the reputation of a glutton, TSh. 7093. ná tugadh éandhuine meas dhuine gan chéill oram, 2 Cor. xi 16.

(f) absol., esteem, respect, regard: bantrocht nach bec mess immach `not small in esteem abroad', Metr. Dinds. iii 14. ní barr measa don taoibh theas `no crown of honour to the south', Content. xv 16. dot ghruaidh ttaidhleach téid a mheas `its credit goes to thy shining cheek' (= the gift owes its value to the giver?), Studies 1921, 275 § 2 . With prep. ar: Maodocc gan mes ar mhaoinibh making no account of treasures, BNnÉ 280.21 . go mbia meas agad ar dhiscréid, Proverbs v 2. gleacaidhe . . . nár chuir meas ar chasc ná ar chartaibh who set no store on cask or quart, Keat. Poems 530. ní do mhés oruinn fein acht do mhés ar Chriosd not for our sake but for sake of C., Luc. Fid. 228.12 .

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Forms: mess, mesa, mesa, meas

n u, m., (cf. W. mes `acorns') tree-fruit (coll.), esp. mast. mess, Corm. Y 917. budiu nā mess cumra, LL 295b49 . crand messa .i. dair, 358 marg. dext. ní caiter mess crobang ccáemh, ACL iii 304 y . mes dairbhre, BS 132.4 . meas ralach, Oss. iv 280.18 . cnuas cacha feada .i. a mes ┐ a cno, Laws v 484.13 Comm. turcbat uile don chóemchrund | duille ┐ bláth ┐ mess, Metr. Dinds. iii 288. mess ┐ claiss ┐ muirthorud (a result of good government), LU 10116 , cf. ZCP iii 229 § 1. is ina flaith atát na tri bairr for Erind .i. barr días ┐ barr scoth ┐ barr messa, BDD 66. dithle ith ┐ blicht ┐ meas (result of misconduct in a ruler), Laws v 450.13 . meas dub a draignib (i.e. blackberries, sloes), YBL 118a marg. inf. = Bruchst. i § 161 . mess na habla 'den Fruchtertrag des Apfelbaumes', ii 594.452 . slat mín messa, Irish Texts ii 23 § 10. mac . . . meic messai meic thoraid, MacCongl. 33.20 . i gcuibhreann na muc fán meas, TSh. 3451. pl. mārmesa mārḟeda great crops of mast from the great forest, ZCP xi 92 § 17. fochmuine cen messu, RC xxvi 46.2 . g s. as attrib.: saill tuircc mesa of a mast-fed boar, ZCP xiii 270.19 . peata muice measa, Content. xi 6. Prov. is muc remithuit mess a pig that falls before the mast falls (of one dying prematurely), BDD 66 = is mucc remitéit [remetuit, remituit v.l.] mess, 106 . Cf. AFM ii 114.13 .

Fig. of persons: mār-mess cona hilblasaib (of Colum Cille), Rawl. 122b30 . a Mælṡeachlaind ní[t] meas meathcraind, IT iii 88 § 105 = Bruchst. i § 33 . Cf. a c[h]nú da meas na Ma[i]gdini (of Christ), ACL iii 235 § 29.

In plant-name: mes torc (= agnus castus), ACL i 325 § 2. meas torc allaid tutsan, parkleaves , Rosa Angl. 214 y . g s. lurga an meas tuirc allaid, 62.19 .

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Forms: mes(s)e, meas, Mese, Meissi, Meis, Messe

n g s. mes(s)e. A fosterling , see ZCP iii 470. meas .i. dalta, O'Cl. Used

(a) in compds., see meschú, -chuire.

(b) folld. by a gen. in personal names; orig. a descriptive term or cognomen. Mesloen (cognomen of Berchan), Thes. ii 280.33 (Adamnan V. Col.). Mes Buachalla, BDD 7 (mother of Conaire Mór, so called because fostered by herdsmen, § 5 ). IT i 130.16 . gen. Mese B., BDD 7. Mesi B., 8 . Meissi B., Ériu iii 139.21 . mess Codail `C.'s fosterling' (of Ériu), Metr. Dinds. iv 186. Mes Dead, CRR 40 (v s. a Meis Dead, ib.) = Mess Dia, Metr. Dinds. iii 108 ; Mes Dé, LL 31b32 . g s. Messe chon, Rawl. 154d36 , LL 327cz . Mesi corb, LL 311a27 . Later such names came to be regarded as true compounds and only the second component was inflected.

See also meisen.

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n a knife or blade? demes .i. mess dede and, uair it dá scín lais. Mess .i. fæbar unde dicitur Messgegra, Corm. Y 438. cia meas (.i. faebar) is āithe nā glam?, H 3.18 p. 627 ( O'Curry 1378 ) (= 1 mes(s) `judgement?). For demess `shears', see Pedersen Vgl. Gr. i 162 § 99 , ii 34 ; the gloss in both exx. is perhaps a false inference. Hence O'Cl. : meas .i. deimheas; .i. faobhar; .i. arm.

5? mes(s)

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n a hill (in B. na filed)? meit is ri mess a fert fo (.i. coméit ri tolaig a lecht ┐ si fein na ligi), IT i 163.1 ( LL 208a16 ) = re mes, Ed.; `as big as a hill her good lair' (of a sow), Hennessy ; perhaps = 1 mes(s). The line may be the source of O'Clery's gloss: meas .i. slat thomhais uaighe (cf. 1 fert and 1 flesc).

6? mes(s)

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Forms: mes(s)ach

n a salmon? meas .i. bradán, O'Cl. Prob. a false inference from the adj. mes(s)ach applied to a river; see 2 mes(s)ach.


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adj compar. of olc q.v.

1 mes(s)ach

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Forms: messaig

adj o, ā. (1 mes(s)) worthy of esteem, possessing honour or repute ? n p m. rīg rānmessaig , ZCP v 499 § 8 (noble in judgement?) ? don Mhumhain mheasaigh `all worthy of honour', Ó Bruad. iii 48 (the context would support the rendering abounding in mast, fertile , see follg.).

2 mes(s)ach

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adj o, ā. (2 mes(s)) fruitful: (applied to a river) os Búill messaigh , Leb. Gab.(i) i 20.23 (glossed: iasccach no bradánach) = ós Búill messaidh, AFM i 4 n . (see Hog. Onom. s.v. Carn Cesra).


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n u, m., vn. of mes(s)aid.

(a) scrutinizing, judging, appraising: in mesad mesas in sacart in cailech `the examination wherewith the priest examines the chalice', Thes. ii 253.14 ( Stowe M. 65 a ). recfuighearé do réir do mheasta-sa estimate , Levit. xxvii 27.

(b) esteem, regard: dobheir Pól oiread measda ar sheanchuimhne shinnsir ┐ dobheir ar Sgrioptúir, Eochairsg. 117.35 . ag bréagnughadh an mheasta bhíos ag an saidhbhir air féin, TSh. 10063.

(c) measuring, fitting? nochar fearr a mheasadh dhí it fitted her no better (of a cloak), ZCP i 297 § 13 (Book of Dean of Lismore).


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Forms: mesas, mesad

v ā, (< 1 mes(s)).

(a) examines, judges, appraises: 3 s. rel.) pr. mesas, Thes. ii 253.14 . (with cogn. acc.) a haithli an mesraigt[h]i mesfus an mórc[h]oimdi, ZCP viii 213.10 . do mheas Mac Coise clann Néill, TD 7.11 . fá a ngníomrad mestar mic rígh, O'Gr. Cat. 358.5. nó gur measadh mé as mo neamhstór till I was judged by my poverty, 532.18 . meastar iad trá as a dtreabhaibh `let them be judged from their tribes' (by their habitations? see previous line), Content. x 14. saor meastair ar lochta lé `she remits our sins', PBocht 37 § 10 , perh. = (d). dá meastaoi neart Éireann an tan sin, Keat. i 128.4 .

(b) adjudges: an bhreis mheasaid cách do rígh the superiority which all adjudge to a king, Content. xviii 92.

(c) measures, weighs: ro messad . . . trí chét sessar, Metr. Dinds. iii 220. messait ┐ toimsit a fhod ┐ a lethet, Fl. Earls 128.15 . Fig. ponders: meas slíghe do chos, Proverbs iv 26.

(d) reckons, esteems, counts (as): muna mhesaind-si me fein ollamh if I did not consider myself an ollave, ZCP ii 352.25 . ná meas ionnraic iad, Keat. Poems 1322. meastar crionna é is counted wise, Proverbs xvii 28. Gen. xv 6. measfaidhear an bhliadhain ar son an laoi (= annus pro die imputabitur), TSh. 4895. Cf. messait cach fri torbha puiplidhi . . . an tegh all consider this house a public benefit, Fl. Earls 182.5 .

(e) deems, believes, supposes: ro mesatar nach rachadh, Fl. Earls 134 y . na persana i n-a mestur droichspirut in whom an evil spirit is supposed to be, 216.27 . ní measdar leam . . . nach éigneochadh úam mh'áontaidh I do not believe, Ériu ix 4.21 . dá mheastaoi leó iad féin do bheith somharbhtha, TSh. 533.

(f) with vn. as obj. thinks (of doing), proposes, resolves: ro mhes a fúadach leis he resolved to carry her off, Ériu v 184.370 . mesait dol asteach go hAroinn, Fl. Earls 8.15 . do mheasadar teacht dá dhíoghail, Keat. ii 1187.

vn. mesad q.v.


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(subst.) see meisem (M 89.63).


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(superl. adj.) see olc.


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n o, m., (dim. of 3 mes(s)) a pet dog, lapdog: mesan .i. aon is messa do c[h]onuib, Corm. Y 879. measán .i. cú beag, O'Cl. a mesan, LU 3086 ( SG 236.18 ) = a orci, 2967 . im oircne rigna . . . .i. mesan, Laws i 152 z Comm. int oircne . . . no in mesan, O'Dav. 788 , cf. 1153 . messan Conaire, BDD 101 (b) = cū C., ib. (a) . Dubilla ainm in chon . . . messán Bóinne, Metr. Dinds. iii 32.


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Forms: mesair, mesra, measair, measar, measracha, Mesra, mesrai

n f. (< Lat. mensura) Mid.Ir. also mesair (g s. mesra): measair (gutt. st.), IGT Decl. § 185.

(a) measure, measurement, limit: in mesar (gl. modus), Ml. 32d3 . conroib m.¤ forsin digail (gl. me[n]surae), 22c12 . cia de is mo messar . . . aer . . . nó in talam? which is greater in extent, SR 7925. iar mesraib, 44 . cen meid mesra, LL 5b11 = gan med measra without scale of measure, Leb. Gab.(i) i 58.10 . nar lintar cen mesair without measure, immoderately, ZCP vi 259 § 7 . craos cin mesur, Aisl. Tond. 102 § 3. ni raibe modh no mesair for-ar marbad ann, CCath. 5761 (= perdidit modum caedes, Luc. Phars. vii 532 ). cia rot-lessaig Midir . . . for messair macc [na] ríg after the manner (standard) of sons of kings, Ériu vii 225.2 . is lēcti i mmessair nDé he must be left to the judgement of God, 166 § 5 (intended for mess?). ite measra adgella a cumung do cach, Laws iv 36.5 (`these are the limitations which his capacity secures to every one', Plummer MS. notes).

(b) a measure, specified quantity: messair dílmain, Tec. Corm. § 3.39 (measar v.l.), glossed .i. tomhas díleas, O'Cl. s.v. measair. mesar a bargine ┐ medc-usci, Ériu vii 140 § 6. messar lenna, BColm. 96.30 . messair méiti mo choidhin [leg. -en] the full of my cup, Anecd. i 73 § 212. dā mesair deac (of milk), Fél. 202.34 .

(c) a vessel used as a measure: phiala [.i.] messar, O'Mulc. 223 (fio lamessar MS.). mælscolb do measaír, IT iii 102 § 189 = Bruchst. i § 86 . dā ibaind dig do uachtur mesrach, ZCP iii 35.14 . measar (-air, pl. measracha) `a piggin ', Dinneen .

(d) in prosody a measure, metre: n p. Mesra [mesrai v.l.] maic Sencadha, Anecd. ii 53.7 .

1 mes(s)e

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Forms: mese, messi

adj io, iā. (part. of midithir) submitted to investigation and deliberation, brought under judgement: mese (gl. examinatum), Ml. 31c28 . nephmesse (inexaminatum), 117a2 . bed m.¤ (ratam fore), 105b14 . pl. messi (gl. rata, apn.), 87b14 . ? as meisi cacha saigte[c]he [saigtighe v.l.] for aitiri, Cáin Ad. § 39.

2 mes(s)e

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Forms: messe

adj io, iā (?) boiled, cooked (a cant or B. na f. term)? co lunu messi (.i. muilt bruithi) `boiled mutton' (? a loin of mutton), MacCongl. 99.13 = co luna messe, 127.15 . The gloss is intended for the word messe(-i), which is prob. g s. of a word meaning ram or wether ; possibly a cant use of 3 mes(s).

3 mes(s)e

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1 s. pron. see .


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Forms: mórmessi

part. nec. of midithir: indí beta messi, gl. iudicandi, Ml. 70a9 . mórmessi (gl. magni pendenda, nsf.), Thes. ii 8.35 ( Acr. 23d1 ). Cf. meise.