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1 mes(s) 1the act of judging; a judgement, opinion; Absol., the faculty of judgement 2the Last Judgement; on Doomsday 3 appraisement, estimate, valuation; estimate of value; to be estimated = according to (its) valuation?; examining (comparing); of standard value (? measure)4 opining, deeming, supposing 5 estimate , reputation 6absol., esteem, respect, regard
2 mes(s) tree-fruit (coll.), esp. mast.; tutsan, parkleaves
3 mes(s) 1
4 mes(s) a knife or blade?
5? mes(s) a hill
6? mes(s) a salmon?
1 mes(s)ach worthy of esteem, possessing honour or repute; abounding in mast, fertile
2 mes(s)ach fruitful: (applied to a river)
mes(s)ad 1 scrutinizing, judging, ap- praising; estimate 2 esteem, regard 3 measuring, fitting?
mes(s)aid 1 examines, judges, appraises 2 adjudges 3 measures, weighs; Fig. ponders 4 reckons, esteems, counts (as) 5 deems, believes, supposes 6 thinks (of doing), proposes, resolves
mes(s)án a pet dog, lapdog
mes(s)ar 1 measure, measurement, limit 2a measure, specified quantity 3a vessel used as a measure; a piggin
1 mes(s)e submitted to investigation and deliberation, brought under judgement
2 mes(s)e (?) boiled, cooked; ram or wether