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Last Revised: 2019


Forms: mesgan, mescán

n o, m., (mesc) mass, lump: mesgan (gl. massa), Ir. Gl. 219. Esp. a lump or pat of butter: mescan .i. do mescad ind loma āssas it is produced by churning, Corm. Y 915. miosgán mór don im, Oss. iv 216.11 . etir mescána úr-ime, MacCongl. 121.38 . g p. mescán , 123.31 . Túatha Mescán , 87.16 . ceann meascáin a large butter-pat, Hackett xxvi 171. is comor rucsat leo .... mias ┐ meascan 'they carried off in equal numbers ... platters and butter containers', AI 408 (s.a. 1311.7) ? Cf. meascán 'a small dish', Dinneen .

Fig. in follg. expressions (Mod.Ir.): m.¤ margaid a butter-pat for the market = a laughing-stock (? cheat): mur sdoc magaidh ┐ mur mhiosgan margadh ag aos og, Luc. Fid. 344.10 . m.¤ merbaill `a mass of delusion', infatuation: measgán mearbhaill mhacnasa na colna, TSh. 7520 ; 5513 ; 5949 .