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Forms: methais, methusa, methos, methoss

n o and u, m. g s. methais, Laws iv 28.6 Comm. methusa, v 244.17 , 248.24 . A legal term of doubtful meaning; a frontier, march, `space of unappropriated ground between two territories' (Atk. Laws Gloss. )? met[h]ass a meta .i. on chrich, Corm. Y 869 = methos LB, methoss Bodl. methus .i. crich no cóiged ut est cennadhcha im methus tuaithe, O'Dav. 1254. cach muiredach a methas every one is master within his own confines (?), 1273 (cf. similar adage s.v. mennat). esert deirge a methus ┐ eisert tascnam[a] methais, Laws iv 128.16 Comm. (apparently a deserter who quits his native territory and one who returns to it, cf. 128.18 and 130.3 ). raitech ascnama methusa .i. loingsech fine a vagrant who makes for the frontier (?), v 244.17 Comm. , cf. 248.24 and iv 28.6 . in tan ron-ainic Fergus a methus, luid dochum mara sechis, H 3.18 p. 364a ( O'Curry 776 ) = luid F. dia tir, Laws i 70.24 . Used of time? bes aen i n-aen meathus `there is one day for one "m."-space', Laws ii 106.1 . methas .i. re . . . meathas re nó aimsir, O'Dav. 1274.


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Forms: méithes

n o, m., (méth) also with palatal stem méithes, fatness, fat: an m.¤ fat , Exodus xxix 13. lán . . . do mhéuthus beathach bíata, Isaiah i 11. d'ofráil an mhéuthuis, Ezekiel xliv 15. With palatal stem: an te chaithios meitheas no saill fat meat, Rule of Tallaght § 48.