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cnáimsech mid-wife
etarbúas, etarúas in mid-air, aloft; bustle, tumult, fright, madness, Buil[e] Suib[ne]
medón 1 middle, centre (of space or time); within; the instep; midnight; One of the canoni- cal hours; midday; at noon; Sext (canonical hour); By extension, the midday meal; The south (= Lat. meridies) 2the middle part of the body; the abdomen; The waist; The womb
1 mid Mead, metheglin; hazel-mead; mead-loving; a mead-cup; mead-drinking; mead-producing
2 mid honour, renown?; honour, dignity; respect; renown
3 mid 1 middling, partially; half-full; swelling (?); middle- broad; Name of Finn's drinking-cup 2 mid -; middle age; middle bag', belly; a central glen or valley, a depression; space between the shoulders; midday; middle, centre; midnight; nocturn; mid-side, mid-beam; Of seat running along one side of a room
midbad a legal term occurring in the term fer m. given to a member of a low class of freeman, appar. a young man not yet possessed of hereditary land; a between-house man', `a man of mid-cottages'; , a youth living on his father's land; honour-price; men of low standing or juniors
1 nóin 1in strict sense the ninth (hour), i.e. the canonical hour of nones (3 p.m.) 2of time only, mid-afternoon, often loosely used of the period preceding sunset; evening 3in late use noon, midday (cf. the parallel development of Engl. noon)
1 úar 1 cold, cool; freq. as epithet of wine, etc., cool, refreshing; of places, freq. in sense bleak, unfriendly; esp. of hell; of pain; of weapons; of clothing; of persons, in uncomplimentary sense, implying coldness of disposition, sometimes = cruel; in technical legal expression mac húar (lit. cold son), a son who has failed to provide filial service and obedience and so is rendered legally dependent on the father ( ); is cold, indifferent towards; in sense of ineffective, unprofitable, vain; of poetic composition, stately (?) 2a cold thing 3a useless journey; a cool garment, i.e. mail (?); a hut, habitation, dwelling, bothy, hunting lodge; a bare plough- share; a cold shower; hypocrisy; a cold (unfeeling?) heart; a cold awakening (common in the Annals of surprising the enemy); cold Spring; cold sea; a cold hiding-place; `a lukewarm regard'; a stupid ques- tion; mid- winter (?); cold hell; a cold month; a silly story, fiction; a cold mountain; a cold refreshing stream; a cold stream; a cruel fight; deceitful pledge; cold water; lukewarm prayer 4 cruel and ruthless; cold and narrow; hypocritical; cold-hearted; cold and red; cold and wet; cool and complete; cold and clear; cold and green; cold and long; cold and stimulating; having cold waves 5 shivers with cold