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Last Revised: 2019

Forms: milgitan, m., milgitan, milgitáin

n o, m., name of a joint or portion of meat assigned to certain classes in the banqueting-hall at Tara; expld. Corm. Y 860 : m.¤ .i. maol .i. molc[h]uiten .i .cuit Muil dorsada Temro = milgitan, Corm. p. 28 ; similarly H 3.18 p. 636c ( O'Curry 1412 ): milgedan .i. . . . cuit Moil ar is e aighe dobertha dó. In the plan of the hall of Tara in LL 29 the m.¤ appears distinct from the mael, and is assigned to the tuathait, rannairi and iascairi, luamairi, rathbuigi and obraigi. milgitan, Petrie's Tara 202.7 (YBL). n p. milgitáin, Petrie's Tara 203.14 .