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v i.

(a) spoils, ruins, destroys. Of physical injury: amra tinne . . . in cú nícon millestar, Hy. v. 46. co ro milled a rosc [ó] Oengus, LU 4054. ro siacht cach tond . . . ro millset in mnaí, Metr. Dinds. iii 30. ? millsiund sastund sál mara móir has destroyed us (?), LL 116a47 . imdentar leis do neoch ro milled d'Ultaib for the damage done to the Ulstermen, TBC-LL¹ 1612. imarcraid fleochaidh gur ro millit toirthe, AFM ii 700.10 . Overthrows, destroys (enemies), spoils, devastates (places): ro milled in gentlecht, Fél. Prol. 213. ro mill ┐ ro mudhaidh Gullu, Cog. 138.1 . Alama mac B. . . . le milltí Teamhair, Oss. iv 220.14 . (with obj. omitted) co ro millset co Imlech Iubair, RC xviii 9.7 .

(b) breaks, violates, cancels (a bond, etc.): acht nar milter úaibsi a n-arach provided the compact is not broken by you, TBC-I¹ 1379. cid fodera co millinn a eneclann im duine a fherund do thabairt i rath fuidri? why is a person's honour-price cancelled by giving his land? Laws v 40.6 .

(c) of moral injury: mná adaltracha ┐ techtaire nos-millet ina mígnimaib who seduce them, FA 29. feib ro sill Grís for in nglain | ro mill . . . a menmain `she perverted' (? bewitched), Metr. Dinds. iii 134 . nir mill Muiri a hoigi did not lose her virginity, ACL iii 242 § 19 . no gur milledar féin Connachta umpu ar marbadh rígh Umhall dáib till they made Connacht too hot for themselves (?), SG 36.25 . an té mhillios a shlíghthe he that perverteth his ways, Proverbs x 9. In reflex. sense: Muiredach ni mill re mnaib, ACL iii 308.3 . See milliud and millte.