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ad-muinethar Lit. remembers, calls to mind; usually with ref. to saints, patrons, etc., hence commemorates, calls on, invokes
1 aicned 1inherent quality, essence, nature; Nature as a basis of law 2 mind , spirit, feeling; In sense of high spirit, courage; anger, wrath 3 disposition, character, behaviour 4 mind , attention, thought; intention, idea 5 knowledge, science
bailedach confused, frenzied, deranged; one of confused mind , expld. in Laws as a dotard; inspired person, visionary
1 ben 1 woman; As dist. from a virgin; woman of the milking place, dairymaid; wife; kins- woman; embroidress; female, -ess, etc. 2 wife
cíall 1 sense, intelligence, mind; wisdom, good sense, skill; it is unwise to, it is imprudent to2Of bodily senses; feelings, emotions 3 intention, cause, reason, idea 4Of words, texts, etc. signification, meaning; force, function, meaning 5 loss of reason, insanity; gives up (hope of), despairs of; calls to mind; recalls to reason, to sense; expounds, proves, declares; takes thought; employs skill; expects
1 dag good.; evil, bad; well; good, noble, intensive very; a good counsel; good merit, well-deservingness; a good metre; a good repentance; good fosterage; well-armed; a good fight; a good woman, a lady; a good custom; good behaviour, morality; good food; a good year; sweet-smelling; of good words; a good race; a good offspring; a good cook; a good counsel; a good adviser; a good heart, generosity; a good gift, poem, art; good and comely; good god; a good pair; a good bush; a good man, a brave man, a nobleman, a righteous man; a good (i.e. heavy) load; good rising-up; brave Eogan; well-informed; a good mulct; good use; a nobleman, a gentleman, a brave; good and modest; very fair; great wealth; good instruction; a good teacher.; a good deed; a doughty deed; valiant deeds; a good fence; a right, proper request; a good intention; a good daughter; very strange; a brave hero; good profit, especial weal; good time; a good price; a good son or boy; benefit; hilarity, jollity; a good mind; very big; a good security; good and bashful; good heaven; a brave hero; a goodly youth, a brave warrior; a good virgin; a good teacher; speaking well of; a good security; a good stanza; good grace or luck, full prosperity; well-trained; a good eye (of sight); a good resolution, purpose, a good end; majestic, sublime; good luck; good profit; a good illumination; very quick, active, expert; vigour; a goodly land; abounding in fruit; a good third; a good union; a goodly dwelling; good material, one well fitted to be; well informed; a noble nature, benevolence; a favourable sign; a good earner; a good foster-father; a good teacher; good education, good teaching.; a good knowledge; good repentance; a worthy imitation; a brave hireling soldier; good and wonderful, specially wonderful; a goodly protection; well-armed; a good armament; very brave; a good house; good milk; a good vassal; a good father; goodly patrimony; a good confession; a good fight; a good village, a good steading; a happy death; good speech; virtuous; virtuous; a virtuous life; a comfortable existence; good fame; a good taste; savoury; a good odour; a good brotherhood; a good victory; a violent beating; deep yellow; a good host; very brave; a good friendship; fully skilled; a good hive; a good decision; a good board; a good reputation, good fame; of good renown; very helpful (of God); good protection; a good protection; good comradeship; a good communion; a good sale; good hearted; a noble suit; very strong; a good meeting; a good colour; well-coloured; a hard fight; a good shape; well-made; well-built; good building, shape; comeliness; very abundant; a good revenge; a good protection; a good right, a good reason; very close; a good hand; a goodly sorrow; used of Easter Sunday; a good fist; a good troop; good and shrewd; a good way; a good fortress; good hospitality; generous; good Ireland; a doughty deed; a good knowledge; goodly wisdom; sharp-edged; reverence; a good hedge or fence; a good festival; a goodly appearance; a good sound; a good agreement, bond.; good pleasure; a good evidence, testimony; very long; a good answer; a good birth; a propitious incident; a good, proper entreaty; affable; well-spoken; good heroes of valour; embroidery; handy, dexterous; good spear-casting; dexterous; handy, skilful (in embroidery); handiwork, embroidery; a good bed; resplendent; a good (i.e. high) number; a good drink.; his faithful followers; very beautiful; very good; a nobleman; a good ensign; courageous; very intoxicating; good and gentle; very early; a good praising; a good pig; goodly folk; great courage, pride; a good poem; good strength; a good custom; a good shout; good and fresh; a good warrior; good beauty; very attentive; good ordination; a good drink; a good work; a good service; well-ordered; wide open; good penance; a good quarter (of a year); a good law; good and smooth; a good king; a good queen; a good constellation; a good running; a good sovran; well-composed books; a good likeness; good news; precious treasure; a good or noble seed; good weather; a valiant host; well sewn; a good giving; a good argument; well-established; faithful, trusty; a good talent; a good death; a good speaker, advocate; well-spoken; very strong; a good asylum; a good gift; a good service; a goodly gift; a good chief; a good multitude; a goodly tribe; very heavy; good pay or wages; a good load; a brave Ulsterman; a proper service; I break well; I arrange well; I shape well; I avenge fully; I know well; I serve well; I give good advice; I direct well; I establish firmly; I separate well; I present well; I deserve well
1 de, di 1With intransitive verbs of motion, denoting departure, separation or moving away; arises from, stands up from; darts, springs forth from; removes from; went away, departed; springs from, descends from; springs forth, flows from, sprouts; falls; escapes from; comes; comes from; goes from; falls from; depart from; leaps from; parts with; separates from, parts with; departs from; ceases from; drips from; flees from; ebbs from; denoting removal, abstraction, expulsion, robbing from, &c.; wards off; sweeps off, casts out; takes off, cuts off from; wrenches, strips from; takes away from; steals from; gathers from; keeps from; keeps apart from; gains from; puts away from; removes, expels from; lowers; exacts (a tax) from; puts away, prevents from; cuts off; cuts off; leads from; removes; raises from; takes away from; takes off; keeps off from; lets go, throws, lets down; hunts; flays; throws from; sends; remove from; takes (away) from, keeps from; takes away from, lops off; steals from; clears away from, expels from; moves from; expels from; casts from; cuts off from; loosens from, releases from; sweeps or snatches away from; loosens from; takes off; transfers from; With verbs denoting salvation from, protection from, cure of; helps out of; rescues from; saves; saves from; After verbs denoting cleansing, clearing, purging, washing; cleanses from; With verbs denoting restraint, prevention or prohibi- tion; keeps back from; forbids; restrains from; hinders; restrains from; hinders; abjures; ceases from, rests from; re- vives from; becomes strong from; After verbs denoting surpassing, excelling; surpasses; surpasses, excels; prevails over, outstrips; In the construction of verbs denoting lack or want of; is wanting; remains, is left over; is left over, remains; After verbs and substantives denoting disgust, ab- horrence of; With verbs denoting buying from, receiving from; receives from; buys from; buys from; After verbs denoting asking, begging, demanding; inquires; begs; asks; After verbs denoting eating, drinking from; drinks from; drink from; sip from; eats; After verbs (words) denoting choice or selection out of a number or quantity.; has chosen; profits by, from; Expressing position with regard to, (north, south, &c.) of; denoting derivation, descent, source, starting-point or the like.; causes, effects; Expressing the origin or derivation of a name; name from; derived from; Indicating racial origin, descent; springs, descends from; is born from; of origin, descent, native place; of issue, consequence; makes a part of, belongs to; it follows, comes, results from; is because of; Indicating the material or substance of which anything is made or consists; is made of, consists of; builds up; creates, shapes; brings forth, creates; establishes; from without; on this side of; from the south; from yonder side; from above, de-super; (from the root) from the beginning, originally; from every side; from afar; from afar, of space; for long; away; this time, on this occasion, now; after; from near; at once, suddenly; on the spot; on the spot; hence, then 2 enjoins, commands; is victorious, wins; bids farewell; care; fearlessness, confidence; adheres to, cleaves to, follows; providence; provides for3denoting part or quantity; forms part of, belongs to; a better warrior; a tribe; a drove; a herd, a troop; a drop; a little; a bit; choice of; a spark; an equivalent; enough; a flock; a burden; a shower; the full of; number; sufficiency; quantity; much 4to make or to do; to seize; to beat, strike, ply upon, scourge; to cut, shear, clip; to break, to injure; to wound, to kill; to throw, fling; to drive, drive away, expel; to destroy; to bind; to write; to shut; conceals; disturbs; makes, does; aids, heals; illuminates; burns; adorns; support oneself by; by means of, by the power of; arbeir biuth he uses, consumes; smears; satiated, satisfied; satiates; supplying wants; serves, attends; from, by, in consequence of, according to; therefore, for that reason, consequently; for that, because, since, cf.; why; of, about, concern- ing; to die of, to be sick with; to reprimand for, take vengeance for; to beat one for sth.; to do penance for; to complain of; to be or become angry for; to be proud of, to boast of; to be envious or jealous of; to be thankful for; sad, mournful, tired, weary; thirst from; intoxicated; weak from; commiserates, has compassion on; for, during; at night; from afar; diligently; clearly, openly; usually, always; much; for the sake of, because of; with the consent of, of free will; over and above, in addition to; because of; according to the judgment; because of; with the permission of; away; on foot; from sorrow; because of; by the will of; by force; on horseback; willy- nilly; on my own account; by means of, in virtue of, on the score of; for fear; on account of the goodness or excellence of; in anger; in truth; in consequence of; abundantly, extra, in excess; through the oppression or tyranny of; in word or deed; continually, semper; for the honour of, under the protection of; in presence of, before; by rote, by heart; from hatred; by sea; ever; of one mind; at one birth; with one voice, unanimously; of one mind , intent; with one accord; together; with special aim, deliberately, exclusively; of one report, all together; according to; takes as a choice, chooses; for love; by land; on account of, owing to; on foot 5 THOUGHT, FEELING OR ACTION; of, concerning, with regard to, in reference to; is of, about; in subject-headings, titles of tales, chapters; speak, tell, preach, mention; asks, inquires; mention of; is called; sing of, write of; prophesy, prefigure; testify; instruct, teach; discuss, dissertate; blaspheme; hear, think, remember, forget; care for, provide for, be confident about, fear for; providence
do-aithminedar Calls to mind , recalls, mentions
foraithmet remember- ing, calling to mind; to commemorate; faculty of memory; Esp. commemoration (of a saint)
for-aithminedar Calls to mind , commemorates
íar(n)gáesach wise after the event, given to changing one's mind ?
imlúad 1act of stirring up, stirring, moving, setting in motion (trans.); hawking 2 act of moving, moving about (intrans.); movement, activity, exertion; activity 3act of wielding weapons, hurling missiles 4 act of driving trans.; Of driving cattle; Intrans. careering 5act of agitating, harassing (used esp. of demoniac influence or possession); agitation of mind , anxiety 6act of bringing into action, effecting, exercising; action, performance; dexterity ?7 act of putting forward (a proposition), advancing (a proposal); a proposal, a proposition 8act of telling, discussing, mentioning, praising; praise
inchinn the brain, brains; Fig. mind , intelligence; intention? (Mod.)
1 inne 1 quality, real value; manner, kind, nature; properly, naturally, by reason of or according to its nature or quality; meaning, sense, signification 2 middle, centre, inmost part (very freq. in etym. glosses); mind , heart; Usually in pl., the bowels, entrails, intestines:; By an extension of meaning, dung
in(n)tinn 1 mind , view, disposition, attention 2 intention, will, purpose 3 high spirits, courage, exaltation of mind; spirit
int(ṡ)liucht 1 faculty of understanding, intellect, discernment; mind; act of discerning, distinguishing between; a learned man, a wise man 2 ingenuity, skill 3 meaning, signification (of a word or passage) 4 contriving, plotting, method, plan, stratagem
2 méinne mind , disposition, temper (mod.)
1 menma 1the thinking faculty, the understanding; Esp. thought, heed, attention; bear in mind , remember; Thought, i.e. opinion, belief, fancy; thought (of), care, concern (for) 2of emotional nature, state of mind , feelings; jollity; propensity, disposition 3 spirit, courage, self-confidence; overweening self-confidence or conceit) 4 desire, inclination; an offence of heart, voluntary 5 high spirits, pleasure, elation (late use)
menmanrad 1 mind in wide sense; thought, imagination; intelligence 2 state of mind 3 spirit, courage 4 inclination, desire?
menmnach 1 spirited, bold, stout-hearted, self-confident; self-assertive, swaggering 2 in good spirits, glad; sprightly 3 -minded, -spirited; pusillanimous; of one mind , unanimous
menmnaige 1 state or quality of mind or disposition; concord 2 courage, high spirit, high-mindedness; magnanimity
meraigthe Bewildered, with mind astray; refuse, reprobate
míad 1 honour, dignity, elevation 2esp. rank, status of an individual3I deem it honourable, consistent with dignity or self-respect 4in subj. sense elevation of mind , pride, oft. in bad sense vainglory
míadamlacht honour, dignity; Pride, elevation of mind
1 mind , minn 1a distinguishing badge or emblem of honour or rank; a crown, diadem; helmet (?); crests; Of other insignia; a laurel-wreath; soldiers' pay (? sureties, oaths 2a halidom or venerated object; , secondary relics 3a precious psalter; the cynosure; (of a drinking-horn)4an oath, vow
2 mind a blade or weapon?
mórdacht Magnanimity, greatness of mind; dignity, grandeur, majesty; dignity; majesty
not, nod 1a mark or sign, esp. one used in writing 2a sign of contraction in writing, a scribal compen- dium; note, bear in mind 3 writing in general
oíd Heed, attention, observation; heeds, pays attention to, bears in mind; takes care, remembers; notices, heeds; object of thought, aim
sergaid 1 becomes obsolete; shrinks, diminishes, contracts, wastes away; withers away; Of the sea, ebbs away 2Of wealth, possessions; Of the effect of grief, etc., on the mind 3 causes to diminish, lessen or shrivel up