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Forms: mogal, mogall

n o, m., (Lat. macula, Pedersen Vgl. Gr. i 193 ) mogal, mogall, IGT Dec. § 17.22 .

(a) a mesh, network, web . This may be the sense in O.Ir.: mocoll lín, Sg. 63a12 = mocol , PCr. 28b ( Thes. ii 226.35 ), gl. subtel `the hollow of the foot', by glossator prob. confounded with tela. dolluid in curach . . . trena mocoll ind lín, RC x 60.12 ( LU 1928 ). for a mormocoll in lína, Anecd. i 67 § 150. mogall don lín, RC xiv 44 § 51. co tarla brattan cach tres moccuil isin lin in every third mesh, Moling § 23. bratan cach mucail, ib. brattán . . . íarna gabháil i llíon aenmhogail a net of one web, BNnÉ 16 § 25.

(b) a globe, sphere, round mass: ? mocoil ┐ fithisi óir im cach ndual dia fult, Tochm. Becfola (R.I.A. Ir. MSS. Ser. i 176.22 , transld. `bunches and weavings of gold'; allusion may be to spherical ornaments attached to plaits of hair). Of the eyeball: mocol-ṡúli móra oengela (i.e. goggle eyes?), LL 267a33 = MU 34.34 . ré mogal a ṡúl the apple of his eye, Zechariach ii 8 . Cf. also: a mugaill do bheith pallida (= genae pallent), R.I.A. 23 K 2, 190.17 (= cheeks?).

(c) a husk (of corn), shell (of fruit), pod, etc. gort fán mongbuidi moguill where the grain is yellow and bearded (?), Hy Fiach. 280.14 . maethbárr mela ar a moglaib, 184.12 . co ndrucht meala ar gach mogoll, Top. Poems 132.12 . ón scellán gonuige an mogall from the kernel to the husk, Numbers vi 4. a tobuir . . . moguil folma a n-imdada `empty husks were the beds of their streams', Ériu iv 222.28 . Fig. dá mac Taidg . . . dá craíb aonmhogaill two branches springing from the same seed-pod, O'Gr. Cat. 360.28.

(d) a globular mass or cluster (of fruit, nuts, etc.): cnu beo mogail ar muini, ACL iii 246.6 . do thuit frasa mora do chnoibh asa mogallaibh, BNnÉ 14 n. 21 . In poetry often fig.: cnú mullaigh do mogal ríogh of a cluster of kings (a royal stock), ZCP ii 341.20 . ar sáir-shliocht mhogail Mhíleadh, Keat. Poems 38. cnú dá mogal mé a nut of her cluster, PBocht 20 § 3 . a gcnú mhoguil (i.e. their darling), O'Rah. xiv 38. táinic díth in trommoguil (of the death of a chief), Caithr. Thoirdh. 4.15 .

(e) a compact body of persons, troop, band: mogal marcslóigh, AFM vi 2034.24 . an mogall do chrunnsluagh, v 1626 x . go nglan-mhogal gallóclach, 1670.1 .