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Last Revised: 2019


Forms: tomoltad

v nímthomoldid do dígail fuirib gl. nemo mihi molestus sit: `do not goad me to punish you', Wb. 20d4 . Vn. tomoltad. See tomaltaid.


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adj io, iā. (part. and part. nec. of molaid) praised, lauded: lí co ndeilb m.¤ , LL 210b13 . To be praised, worthy of praise: as m.¤ an té dar ḟeidhm hí, IGT Dec. ex. 1032. ni ḟuarais maith far mholta dhuit idir iad (i.e. you did not get any good for which they deserved your praise), ZCP viii 219 § 10. ni m.¤ etir, xii 252.24 (disparagement of a performance).