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n in phr. b.¤ smet(h)rach (B. na f., formula). See neimthes, smetrach; b.¤ in this phr. expld. as word-feat : bri [.i.] briathar ┐ mon .i. cles (LL), RC xxvi 55 , Auraic. 1329 - 30 . Note also: brī cach n-ogus (see accais), ut est isna Brethuib Nemed: brimon smetrach, etc., Corm. Y 149 , Corm. 8.


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n [f.] a feat (esp. of sleight or cunning), a trick . m.¤ .i. cles, Corm. Y 868 (= món , Corm. p. 28 ). LL 186b39 . m.¤ .i. cleas, O'Cl. Auraic. 1331. Lec. Gl. 262. Cóir Anm. 205. Mag Mon plain of feats of skill (?), Imr. Brain § 14. ar monaib a n-each, Laws v 108.27 Comm. (see monach). ? ni ba hí ma món that was not the trick (stratagem) I meant (?), Ériu iii 141.195 (the Ossorian druid Dil has foretold that whichever side kills the first man in the approaching battle between the Ossorians and the Déisi will be the loser, and now tries to prevent the Ossorians from killing a man, disguised as a cow and driven towards them by the Déisi). In bad sense, stratagem, guile: mairg do mhaoidh m.¤ ná mearbhall . . . ar slógh nÉireann, Content. xii 3.