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muc(c) 1a pig, sow; Of a wild pig or boar 2a sea-hog, porpoise 3name of a war-engine, a shed under cover of which besiegers undermined the walls of a city 4a sow's litter or brood; pig- slaughter; a trench or furrow made by a pig rooting?; a boar; pig-loss; a pigsty; sow-Ogham', a species; a herd of pigs
muc(c)ach pertaining to swine
muc(c)aid a swineherd
muc(c)aidecht herding swine; the office of a swineherd
muc(c)airbe a name given to the `mac fuirmid' or second lowest grade of file
muc(c)álach a brood or litter of pigs
muc(c)dae pertaining to swine
muc(c)lach a piggery
muc(c)rad pigs (coll.)
muc(c)recht a pig's gut; a sausage