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n m. (muir; acc. to Stokes, Ling. Val. Ir. Ann. 64 , the second component is *iucht `junction', an old Celtic word cogn. with Lat. iugum, O.W. iou; but possibly a corruption of muirḟecht, with which it seems synonymous) a fleet; a naval expedition: m.¤ do Gallaibh i lLoch Febhail, AU 920 (where it seems equivalent to `longus' below) = AFM ii 604.13 . MacA. for loch nEchach co m.¤ di Gallaibh, AU 927. mór in muriucht, LL 8b2 . coic ríg rissin muriucht mass | tancatar dar muir morglass, 127a26 = MacCarthy 148 § 1 (= risin muracht, BB 45b54 ).