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ad-gíall(n)a serves, is in clientship to; gives hostages to; submits to, obeys
aicill(n)e base clientship
airbert(n)ugud shaking; giving battle(?); military prowess
airnin name of ogam sign (letter n ) for the doubling of a consonant (usually n, see )
Armé(i)n Armenia
bein(n)se, béinse bench, table; the Judicial Bench
bomman(n)ach made of pieces, variegated, chequered
brin(n)glóid a dream, vision, deception
brodlan(n) a trifle
bruin(n)ech expld. as mother; big-bellied, pregnant, also a mother, nurse
buic(n)e expld. as fool, halfwit
bun(n)sach rod, stick, staff; wattle; switch; a rod of safe con- duct, given to ollavs to ensure their safe passage through different territories; Freq. toy or boy's spear or javelin as oppd. to weapons used by adults; spear-youth; a Dart Javelin
cen(n)barr head-dress, cap
coin(n)lín(e) stalk, stubble
comḟúachta(i)n contention
con-ca(i)n sing(s), utter(s) in harmony
con(n)icci as far as, up to, to, till
crimthan(n) fox
crith(n)ugud act of shaking, trembling; causing to tremble
cuin(n)siu face, countenance, aspect
dá n-, da n- When; if
2 deich n- ten.; ten words, i.e. the Ten Commandments, as name of a book; poem of ten cantos; ten stars; ten commandments
de(i)n clean, neat; pure, clean, neat; Meaning seems rather firm, strong, powerful
1 día n- 1 when 2 if.
díun(n)ach washing, cleansing; Legal purgation by ordeal or lot
1 do-ellai(n)g puts into, makes entry.
éccin(n)te 1 uncertain, doubtful 2 indefinite 3 infinite, unlimited
éccin(n)tech 1 indefinite, undeter- mined (in sense, extent or number), uncertain; in round numbers; a vast indefinite number
eiden(n) ivy; of chill ivy; of bright ivy
eisin(n)ill insecure, unsafe, exposed; an unsafe, insecure place
énirt(n)igud weakening, enfeebling, growing weak
Eorthanán, Orthan(n)án Jordan
feóthan(n) a thistle
feóthan(n)ach breezy, gusty (?); thistly; raven-black ?
íar(n)gáes after-wisdom, wisdom after the event, second thoughts
íar(n)gáesach wise after the event, given to changing one's mind ?
íar(n)gáeth wise after the event
íar(n)giunnach epithet of Amergein father of Conall Cernach. `shaven behind
íar(n)glus `the after-glow,' the dotage of old age?
ifernaide, ifren(n)aide infernal, belong- ing to hell or Hades; a dweller in hell, a devil
ifernda, ifren(n)da infernal, belonging to hell
imḟeda(i)n act of drawing, transporting, carrying around; carriage
imma n- Used of sexual intercourse
imman(n) hymn; In phrase i. anma (regarded as one of the duties of the Church towards people) hymn for the dead?, prayer for the dead?; hymn
imm-cumtai(n)g supports mutually
inbleoga(i)n , inableogain 1By transference of meaning, the surety, the kinsman- surety 2Hence, in general sense of a relative
in(n)igthecht injustice, unfairness ?
in(n)recht injustice, fraud
in(n)scas statement ?
in(n)struimint, indstraimint, in(n)strum(a)int instrument, utensil, implement; (fig.) means; Collect. apparatus, instruments, vessels
in(n)strumentech serviceable, ministerial
in(n)tamlaigthech 1 comparable, to be compared 2 capable of comparing; faculty of comparison
2 in(n)tech way, path
in(n)techt an incursion ?
in(n)tinn 1 mind, view, disposition, attention 2 intention, will, purpose 3 high spirits, courage, exaltation of mind; spirit
1 in(n)tinnech willingly, voluntarily
1 in(n)tlas act of animating, inspiriting, rousing; animation; delight, activity, wit, mirth; Transf. of rousing songs
in(n)tled 1 snare, ambush; act of lying in wait, ambushing 2? In concrete sense, robber, ambusher:
in(n)tráil act of entering, entry
in(n)trit a measure of land containing thirty-six `traighthi'
in(n)t[s]amlugud imitation, comparison; act of imitating, likening
inunn, in(n)onn 1 alike, equal, the same, identical, the one; that is to say; similar, same, identical; in the same way, alike, equally; the same (thing) as, just as; equal to; not as now; that is to say 2`one and the same,' identical
Ióhain, Ióhen, Ió(i)n Joannes
író(i)n irony; a taunt
lócharn(n), lúacharn(n), lóchrann 1 lamp, light, lantern
lóin(n)id provides, makes provision
Lundain(n) London
2 Méithe, Meithe name of a place (? hill) in N. Ireland, perh. in Co. Louth.
N ash-tree
nenaid A nettle, oft. in collect. sense nettles.; name of letter n
1 nin 1 name of the ash-tree 2 name of the letter n in the Ogham alphabet (called after the tree) 3a letter of the Ogham alphabet in general
Ól n-écmacht an old name of Connacht
plan(n)ta a plant; a scion
plan(n)taigid plants
pun(n)ann A sheaf
rin(n)ce dancing, a dance
rin(n)ced the act of dancing
Satharn(n) Saturday
simin(n), seimen(n) 1a rush 2a reed 3a corn-stalk 4 rope or binding made of rushes; fetters, bonds
Spáin(n)ech Spanish
sreth(n)aigid 1 sets in order, disposes, spreads out, disperses, scatters 2 spreads, settles
sreth(n)ugad act of spreading out, arranging, disposing; act of serving, service
sringc(n)e navel-string, umbilical cord
1 tein(n)tech fiery, impetuous, ardent
2 tein(n)tech, tein(n)trech 1 lightning 2 flashes, sparks
tein(n)temlacht fieriness
tein(n)tide fiery; the torrid zone; the torrid zone; the Fiery Sea (? Indian Ocean)
tein(n)tidecht fieriness, fierce heat
tophliú(i)n sluggishness, inertia
uircen(n) a cleaver or billhook
un(n)sa an ounce, an ounce-weight