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nacc , naicc

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Last Revised: 2013


Forms: naicc, naicc, naico, naic

part (a) adv. no, not , used in O.Ir. as an independent negative without follg. sent. or member of sent., either in questions of the type: in . . . fa n.¤ whether . . . or not, or standing alone. The orig. sense may have been ` nought ', ` nothing ', see Pedersen Vgl. Gr. ii 261. In Mid.Ir. superseded by acc (aicc). fa nacc , gl. [utrum . . .] necne, Sg. 66a3 . in tree . . . fa nacc is it through it or not? Wb. 2c4 . imb anacol dom fa nac, 23a6 . in comscar Dia són a cairde . . . fa naic, Ml. 91c9 ; ib. 1 . Absol. naicc, gl. non utique (answer to question), Ml. 70c1 . naicc .i. negabo , Thes. ii 9.24 . naic, 6.36 . Cf. non .i. naico , Sg. 23a4 (reading doubtful, perh. naicc). in tan boí A. ag iarraid forba for C., `Neg' ol C. fris, .i. `ní bhía ferann duit', Cóir Anm. 203 = naic BB (story accounting for the sobriquet of Oengus Nig or Nic); cf. in tan . . . conrotacht ferann fora athair: Nicc nit bia, Rawl. 124a10 . nac quasi nec , Corm. Y 966. [n]acc .i. non nó ondí is nec neconn facire (i.e. from Lat. nec), O'Dav. 1280.

(b) disobedience, refusal: nac, Ériu xl 10 § 6 . nac dō .i. tairisem fri forrngaire sruithe .ut dr̄. cen nac cen dichmairc n., moreover, that is resisting the instruction of superiors, as is said: without n., without misappropriation CIH iii 1076.27 (Dúil Dromma Cetta) , Ériu xl 31 . See follg.