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1 nathan

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adj illustrious, pre-eminent? nathan .i. ordeirc . . . nathan quasi nath in-aon [.i.] ind ollaman, Corm. Y 982. n.¤ .i. oirdheirc, O'Cl. O'Brien.

2 nathan

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Forms: nathán, nathain

n o, m. (nath) a cant saying; a commonplace or flippant remark? g s. ac togbhail nathain tre phrois dona biadhaibh (= superstitiose cibos diiudicando), ITS xxix 136.1 (instructions for nuns, the allusion is to grumbling about food). pl. nā habair briathra nāid nathain iomdha (= neque verbum aliquod vel sillabas proferas), ib. 138.17 (of flippant or equivocal remarks). nathán `an old saying, a proverb ', Dinneen . nathain `a short poem, also an adage ', P. O'C.