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Last Revised: 2019

Forms: nemnechtardae

adj io, iā. (nechtar) in compd. nemnechtardae `not the one nor the other' = neuter, neutral: troeth .i. gach neutur .i. nemnechtardea [sic], Corm. Y 1220 = .i. cach nechtraige ┐ cach neotur, Corm. p. 42. Of health: eirges nech aisti gurub nemnechtarda é ... do reir foillsighthi nemnechtarda an nech eirges a h-eslainti, Irish Texts i 48 § 1 . nemnechtardha is coir do radh riu they should be called neutral (neither well nor yet ill), Rosa Angl. 116.24 .