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1 nen

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Last Revised: 2013


Forms: n-ena, neann

n [f.] foster-sister; fosterling (?); a handmaid, bondmaid: ro techt a nen (.i. a hinilt) na cumand, LB 238[d]a24 (from a quatrain ascribed to Colum C.). ? noí mbliadna dond ingin sin | i mBrí Leith, láthar nena , Metr. Dinds. ii 2.12 (< LL 163a 31 ); 'a fosterling's place' Celtica xviii 188 ; glossed nen .i. cumal in H. 3.18 (see ACL iii 143 ), but perh. we should read n-ena (see note ad loc.). Cf. neann .i. ceangal; neanaim `I bind', P. O'C. (perh. a mistaken inference from pret. st. of naiscid).

2 nen

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n an inch? nena ainm ordloigh, Metr. Gl. Ff. 42 (nean v.l.). triucha nen (.i. ordlach) find na feic (.i. na fiaccail), LL 208a14 = IT i 162.9 (`thirty inches ... in her tusk', p. 164 ). nean .i. ordlach `an inch', P. O'C. neann .i. reise `a span', ib.

3 nen

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n a wave: nen .i. tonn, ut dicitur reim nena .i. dar na tonna, Corm. Y 997. nean .i. tonn; neana .i. tonna, O'Cl. P. O'C. (neann). See 3 nin and 1 nena.