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1 nescóit

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Last Revised: 2013


Forms: nescoid, ̅nd̅, ̅nd̅i, neascóide

n f. (for suffix cf. oróit, purgóit, etc.) an imposthume or abscess: nescoid, gl. apostema, Ir. Gl. 843. nesscoit .i. ness cnoc ┐ scoit lind, Corm. Y 975 (i.e. a lump or swelling containing watery matter). Freq. in med. texts, often in contracted form ̅nd̅, pl. ̅nd̅i. is inund nescoid tri Gaidlig ┐ opostema tri Laidin, Rosa Angl. 160.4 . nescóid lenna finn , O'Gr. Cat. 181.32 , Éigse iii 223 . cuis na nescoidi, RC xlix 43.8 . in febribus abscessus .i. an tan tigidh nescóidi isna fiabrussaibh, 23 K 42 , p. 55.4 . neascóid iona croicionn, Levit. xiii 18. g s. na neascóide , ib. 19 .

Fig. a blemish, disgrace (a boil on the face being a traditional symbol of dishonour): as nescóid ar ghiolla an reachtaire a breith uadha, RC xxix 220.3 . na trí neascóide neimhneacha, ML 78.25 (of fortresses built in the enemy's country).

2 nescóit

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n (B. na filed) traditional history or legend? ar nescoit (.i. ar tṡenchus na nGaoidhel) ní bin a ca[i]l (.i. a coimhét), ZCP v 483 § 3 = ar neasgoid ni bhfionn a chail, iii 378 ; i.e. he has knowledge of the antiquities of the Gaels (of a poetaster), a sense prob. inferred from the exordium of Corm. Y 975 : nesscoit .i. iss é senchas na nGaoidel (where s. na nG. is not a definition but refers to the tale following).