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Forms: noinden, noenden, noendin, noínnin, noinden, noenden, nóendin, noendin, noennin, n., noindnin

n [f.] acc. to Thurneysen, Heldensage 361 , a compd. of noí meaning nine days (for second component cf. denus `space of a day'). But see Celtic Language, Celtic Culture 137-50 , also Éigse xiii 165-76 . n s. noinden , LL 125b42 , 126a22 . noenden, LU 4957 = noendin, TBC-I¹ 472 Y. noínnin, LU 5899 (H) = TBC-I¹ 1431. g s. noinden , TBC-LL¹ 225. noenden, 4544 . a s. ina nóendin , LU 5350. d s. noendin, LU 4957 , 4962 (= naindin, TBC-I¹ 476 Y). noennin, 5929 .

(a) Name given to the Ulster couvade or period during which the Ulstermen were debilitated and unable to fight. There are two independent accounts of the cause, one published in ZCP viii 120 (< Harl. 5280 f. 44b ); the other exists in varying versions, two of which (from Harl. 5280 f. 42b and LL 125b42 - 126a resp.) are published by Windisch, Sitzungsb. Pr. Akad. 1884 p. 336 fg. , a third of later date from H 3.18 p. 46b by Thurneysen, ZCP xii 251 ; in Harl. and LL the tale is entitled Noinden Ulad. See Thurneysen Heldensage 359 fg. Acc. to LL: cóic laa ┐ cethri aidche no coic aidche ┐ cethri laa. issed sin ro boí noinden Ulad. Nert mna siúil ba hed no bíd la cech fer di Ultaib fri saegul nonbair isin noe[n]den. Treide for nā bíd noenden di Ultaib .i. maicc ┐ mnaa Ulad ┐ Cu Chulaind , 126a20 - 4 ; from which it appears that n.¤ = nine periods of twelve hours; see also Dinds. 94 ( RC xvi 45 ) quoted under 2 nómad. noinden Ulad quasi novim dies, ar is ī rē laithe no bitis isin cess, O'Mulc. 835. bátár Ulaid inna noendin. Ní boí noenden linni iarom, for Fergus, for mnáib ┐ maccaib . . . nach for Coin Culaind ┐ fora athair, LU 4957. dochótár Ulaid ina nóendin, 5350 = noindnin, TBC-I¹ 874. ma dodeochaid assa noennin, TBC-I¹ 1461. In TBC the phrase cess noínden is used: atá Conchobar 'na chess noinden i nEmain, 225 (= ina chess, TBC-I¹ 45 ), cf. 4544 . The title: in ceas naigen (= cess noíden) is given to the story in YBL 211a39 , likewise in H. 3.18 (in ces naidhen, see ZCP xii 252 ), a name used also by Keat. ii 2424 (see noídiu).

(b) (? Lat. nundinae 'market-day') assembly (?): noenden .i. tinol, ut est ardnoendin sluaigh .i. tinol sluaigh mhoir, O'Dav. § 1296 .

(c) of doubtful signification, in follg. exx. apparently warlike gathering, mêlée, fray or something similar. ni thecat sain i nnoenden acht ra hirdalta gona duine dogrés, TBC-LL¹ 4329 (`zu einer Waffentat', Wind.) = i ccath nā i comlonn, St. = a noindin, TBC-I¹ 2806. fer nā dechaid asa naindin riam erat ro bai gai ina laim gon [= cen] cenn Connachtaig lais, ZCP i 103.1 (of Conall Cernach) = assa noendin, Ériu iv 28 § 19 ( LL 107a27 ). ni dechaid asa noendin riam [cen] guin Ultaig, Death-tales of the Ulster heroes 36 § 1 (of Cét mac Mágach); in the three preceding exx. Thurneysen, Heldensage 361 n. 2 , takes the phrase as = asa noídin `from his boyhood'. ni bo choir mo fled-sa do thomailt cen noindin Uladh impe, IT ii1 174.24 (`Kriegszug oder Heldentat der Ulter', Thurneysen, Heldensage 468 n. 3 ). ? sruth soimen i mbiadh noinden noindenach, Anecd. ii 65.12 . naindean no naoindean .i. gaisgeadh, O'Cl. nainden .i. gaisced, H 3.18 p. 416 ( O'Curry 965 ). nainnean .i. gaisced `valour', P. O'C.