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Forms: nochttha, nochtad

v ā.

(a) makes bare, strips, uncovers: ro nochtsat he ┐ ro bensat a étach fén de, PH 3294. ro nochtadh na mna, Fl. Earls 64.8 . do nocht si a chosa uncovered, Ruth iii 7 . cret nochtas do shúile? `why starest thou so?', PH 8129. nocht an sciath uncover, RC x 184.17 , cf. ro nocht don sciath took (the covering) from the shield, ib. 25 . ro nochtustar D. a cloidem unsheathed, LB 26b12 . ní nochtar . . . grían acht tre dhortadh ndílenn, Gleanings from Irish manuscripts 19 § 33 .

(b) in late lit. generally fig. reveals, discloses, makes known: ní táinig olc . . . nar nocht Eoin, Dán Dé xi 23 . is eadh nochtas an leabhar, Keat. ii 2318. nocht don Tighearna do ghníomha (= revela opera tua), TSh. 9077. nochtaid na haoghairidhe . . . go raibhe ród, etc., 9616 . do nochtais t'aigne, Content. xviii 1. do nochtsad fíoch is formad displayed, Keat. Poems 1018. Part. nec. anois as nochttha airtegail na daondachta must be enounced, Ó Héodhusa 10.9. in dara ní is nochta dhuid, Ir. Review 1913, 623 § 7 .

Vn. nochtad m.

(a) uncovering, stripping: cuich ro benustar dímm m'etach no cia ro lamustar mo nochtad uime? to deprive me of it, PH 8168. níor chuibhe dhuit nochta[dh] do chloidhimh, Oss. iv 182.15 . ar nochtadh meirge a dtúis gleó `unfolding his banner', 56.10 . fig. mo nochtadh óm' uile antolaibh, Parrth. Anma 38.5 .

(b) revealing, making known: atá ar na nochdadh ┐ ar na foillsighadh, Romans xvi 26.