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not , nod

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Last Revised: 2019

Forms: nota, nod

n ā, f. (Lat. nota)

(a) a mark or sign, esp. one used in writing: nod a nota .i. si(n)gnum .i. failsiugud neich . . . not uaille .i. comartha uaille, Corm. Y 979. not inchoisc, Sg. 3b17 (gl. nota elementi given as definition of littera). pl. na nota áram, gl. numerorum figurae, 6b21 . nochan fuil uath conid litir acht ata conid not tinfidh h is not a letter but a mark of aspiration, Auraic. 3561 , cf. 1231 (nod), 768 (noit).

(b) later a sign of contraction in writing, a scribal compendium: cá méd nod is cóir annsa scribneoracht? Ní annsa: a trí: nod elaidhnech ┐ n.¤ lethach ┐ n.¤ nádúrdha, O'Gr. Cat. 91.13 (the three compendia given are illustrated resp. by DNS = dominus, DS = deus or dominus, P = pater): cf. 114.28 . nod `an abbreviation', O'Brien. Hence in fig. sense: ní beag nod dá chur i suim a hint is enough, Content. xxvii 4. ní beag nod dá chur i gcéill, Dánta Gr. xxx 10 . aicme . . . nár aisig dham nod do chomhall cineáltais who gave not the least answer, Hackett vii 6 .

(c) in the phr. nod leat note, bear in mind, used like Lat. notâ bene (but prob. subst., not verb) in scientific and other writings: nod leat gu n-éxamlaigther na leigheasa, O'Gr. Cat. 176.29 . nod leat gur badh e Niall, Rel. Celt. ii 300.18 . See also notaigid.

(d) writing in general: naoimhe a nod 'the holiness of its writings' Celtica x 183 § 5 .