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Forms: olṡodain, olsude

pron. m. and f., olṡodain n., used in O.Ir. and early Mid.Ir. as a rel. pron. to introduce a somewhat independent rel. clause, esp. one containing something either opposed to or explanatory of the preceding statement (often = Lat. quippe qui). In Glosses both compds. are confined to Ml. and Sg. and acc. to Pedersen Vgl. Gr. ii 216 are artificial forms. (m. and f.) atarimet . . . la ranna insce ol ṡuide as rann insce la laitnori reckon it (the interjection) with the parts of speech, because it is a part of speech with Latin grammarians, Sg. 26b6 . is cosnaidhi tra in flaith nime ol suidhe is ecsamail frisin flaith doenna inasmuch as it is unlike, Ériu iii 6.12 = ol suidhi, ZCP iv 243.20 . eipistil int Slánicceda . . . olsuide ro scríb a láim fessin which His own hand wrote, Ériu ii 192 § 1 (olsuidiu v.l.; olsude, LB 202b2 ). As adj. pron.: olsuide ndath, gl. quem colorem, Ml. 76a10 .

(neut.) olṡodain (often with a preceding clause or statement as antecedent = Lat. id quod): ol sodain oín, gl. quod solum, Sg. 41b1 . ol ṡodain as sainreth do neutur, gl. accusativum nominativo similem ponens, 65a12 (= `id quod neutri generis proprium est'); cf. 213a2 . olṡodin as asu which is easy (gl. nisi sint a disyllabis composita), 187a3 . diambe articol . . . and. olsodin immurgu nad recar les which, however, is not necessary, 198b6 . asberat as nDia cloine macc, olsodin as gó doib which is a lie on their part, Ml. 21c11 . orcain Cille C. o Gallaibh . . . olsodhain na pu menic a thing that did not often happen, AU 938 . dixit .i. . . . olsodin nad choir ani-sin but that is not right, Ml. 127d14 (here olṡ. appears in intermediate stage betw. rel. pron. and conj., the follg. clause having a new subject). is airi nad gaibtir leu [tituil] fo uhith nach airnaigthi fil innib. Olsodain nad maith fri Cirine ciasperthar wherefore it does not seem good to Jerome to say them, Hib. Min. 7.235 (= quamobrem).

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