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n (? 1 ol + 1 sceo, Celtica v 77 n. 3 ) conj. and (?) (although all examples here are doubtful): glan sceo ell oll scéo art, AID i 28 § 13 (v.l.) . oll sceo eiric (? leg. oll-éric sceo) aithgina ni diupanar de `the great eric-fine and that for compensation are not to be avoided', Laws iii 536.29 , Celtica v 77 . co mbo locha lén leo linfaid terchlos Erendmag olsceo tuathe Oengusa, LL 287a29 (rhet.). But read rather: … Ērendmag ol[l] sceo … 'the vast plain of Ireland and the territory of Oengus (Scotland)' Celtica v 77 . See 1 sceo.