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u, m. (vn. of oslaicid) the act of opening : imm oslucud inna [ca]thrach, Ml. 46b5 . oslocud in talman, FA 2. do oslogud ríana mnaí, to open [the door] to his wife, FB 21 ( LU 8271 ). i n-ossolggud a thige, Laws iv 312.11 . Letting loose, releasing, with DO of pers.: rob ecen do Gallaib oslucud do Domnall, Cog. 46.17 . In concrete sense, an opening, aperture : gin, i.e. a gingis .i. ona hoslaic[th]ib bid ann ar medhon, Corm. Y 710 (see ZCP ii 68 ). cach fuidlech nā fuigter annso . . . dogeba tu morán isan dara oslugud dedenach do dull na foaicecht in the second last opening (i.e. two opposite pages of the book), H 3.17 c. 654 ( O'D. 918 ).