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pit , (put)

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Last Revised: 2013


Forms: pit

n a pit , hollow (? the female pudenda)? putte a putteo [= Lat. puteo] .i. cuthe, ut dicitur pit a puteo .i. brēnaim, Corm. Y 1060 (= Lat. cunnus, acc. to Corm. Tr. p. 138 ). pit a puteo .i. on cuithe dicitur put, H 3.18 p. 77 ( O'Curry 132 ). pit `a woman's privity ', P. O'C. pit `a dyke, hollow, female privities ', O'R. (also puite). See putte.


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Forms: fit, fita, fíta, fitta, pite

n [i, m., later f.?] (see LEIA P-10 , but according to Isaac fít is the older form and is a loan from Lat. uita 'life', whence 'the ration of food necessary to keep the body alive', Ériu liii 152 .) also fit: g s. ind fita , Mon. Tall. 152.10 . fíta, 151.24 . fitta, 156.18 . pite, LB 11a1 .

A small quantity of food, a light meal or collation : pít .i. proind, Corm. p. 21 s.v. fogamur. pit proind nach mor, Metr. Gl. 33 § 15 . pid .i. proind bec, Lec. Gl. 531 . piid proind, Laws v 22.17 Comm. uita .i. fit, Corm. Y 576 . fit a uita , O'Mulc. 546 . fit .i. proinn no tomhaltas, O'Cl. ? for doborfiit on water diet (?), Thes. ii 38.29 (of penitential régime; edd. Thes. suggest: for dobor ┐ ith). bo blegar fri fit `which is milked for a repast', Laws v 260.3 ; glossed .i. fri feit na mna no risin roinn [leg. proinn?] mbicc, ib. 10 . Generally of monastic rations : ni molathar som ind troscud, is ferr lais ind fit mesraigti dogres, Mon. Tall. 68 . bithfer fíta na riaglae one who keeps to the prescribed ration, 63 . conid ferr do anmain in phit beac min quam in phit mór anmin, Rule of Tallaght § 39 . tormach pite, ib. ( LB 10b51 , 11a1 ). iomthórmach fíde aráin, Rule of Tallaght 2.19 . pit ind aisi graid bis oc pennind, Ériu vii 142.1 . saethor coimsi, fit cosmuil, ZCP vii 311 § 14 . uilliu fit na n-opreóire, xiii 27.24 (i.e. monks engaged in manual labour have a larger ration). for tercphit on meagre rations, Fél. Sep. 8 (-pit , -fit, -fít v.l.). le fe[i]l mairtir nocho tercbít, Anecd. i 64 § 122 .