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Forms: poll, Puill

n o, m. (< AS pól, Stokes, Acall. Gloss., cf. Eng. pool) poll , IGT Dec. § 67.9 . A hole : poll quasi toll, Corm. Y 1075 . Generally of an opening or cavity in the earth: poll talman, TBC-LL¹ 5667 St. asin pull talman, Cáin Ad. § 2 . tir . . . a claetar poll , Laws iv 6.12 (of the trench formed by casting up a dyke). Poll Ruadhayn (id est fouea Ruadani), V. SS. Hib. ii 246.21 and note. latharpholl talman (i.e. a hiding-place), Acall. 3537 . poll móna a bog-hole , ZCP x 20.11 . cluchi puill, TBC-LL¹ 972 (a game in which balls were driven to a hole in the ground). inti buailis in liathroid o poll na himána, Laws iii 554.5 Comm. Of of a hole forming a passage : poll trésin coirthi, Acall. 4470 . ro dhéchsad for poll na heochrach key-hole , ZCP v 495 = toll, Anecd. ii 17 § 11 . tre poll na comhladh no na heochrach, BNnÉ 237 z . a pull na sróna nostril , O'Gr. Cat. 265 z . tri polluibh a srona, ZCP vi 279 x . Of the pit of hell : seacht ngadhair do ghadhraibh puill seven of the hounds of hell, Timth. viii 13 § 25 (15th-cent. poem). In place-names gen. denotes a cave or pool , see Hog. Onom. s.v. poll .

Cf. the npr. m.: aithe Blathnaiti ingine Puill maic Fidhaigh, Anecd. ii 45.10 .