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Forms: romainn

adv., later also romainn, pronominal form of prep. ré n- + first pers. pl. = before us, later used without pronominal significance as adv. Above, previously (generally referring to a statement already made in a work): breth .i. fuidell . . . ar rosfuc nach aile remand in ṁbreth some one else has already passed the judgement , Corm. Y 109 . oc aisneis don taidbsin dia n-ecid remaind ina soscela telling of the appearance which he had previously reported in his gospel , PH 6690 . tinnscedal in ríghflaithiusa Romhanta ba saine modh leis ┐ lasna hardflaithiusaibh romhaind the beginning of the royal Roman dominion differed from that of the principalities already mentioned , CCath. 46 . isna haithentaibh-si romainn, Ó Héodhusa 173.10 . Below, following : dorinne C. na rainn-se romhainn síos the following stanzas , Keat. ii 5751 . is é do chuir na catha-so romhainn, mar atá Cath Luachra, etc., 1957 . See 6 ré I (c), (d).