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rocholl , racholl, rochall

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n name of a law-treatise ? adeir i Racholl mBreth, Laws i 154.11 Comm. = Rechol mBreth, 26.3 Comm. is e grethe [= greche] cen torad dogni rocoll breth (.i. is e ní ata do reir ro-ciallaide na mbreth amuil is etarbach grech na cno faisi . . . is amlaidh is etarbach na neiche sin do denam), iv 36.5 , 17 , quoted by O'Dav. 1389 s.v. rochall, where the word is glossed rochiallaige `rationality (?)'; the quotation itself suggests a compd. of ro- and coll = corruption of judgements produces nuts without kernels.