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rogad , ? rogud

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Forms: rogud

u, m. vn. of rogid. Stretching, extending : d s. hond rogud , gl. [funis] extentione, Ml. 37d6 . saoeir don flaith . . . rogad laime dia setuib the lord is empowered to stretch out his hand to his valuables (i.e. to withdraw his fief), ZCP xv 248 § 8 = Laws ii 210.14 (quoted by O'Dav. 1384 with gl.: rogadh .i. sínedh). cen aurchra, co rogud rath, | do thorud no duilerad, SR 619 . im ḟír flatha do chomol cech ríg fri ratha rpgid for the extension of prosperity , LL 21a28 . it fáilte na cossa inna roguth cen gluasacht, 282a43 . as e an corp bis ina rogad ar in talmain, RC xv 491.8 .