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rosach , rasach

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Last Revised: 2019


adj in phr. rúad rosach (rasach). Also rúad fhrasach. a major blood vessel (below the knee)?: do[n] nesgoit boind, ┐ is maith a’ leiges uirre in clar do snaigi … ┐ ruad [MS. .r.] rosach do ligin concerning canker of the sole (?), a good treatment for it is to pare the surface (of the canker?) … and release the r.r. Celtica ii 38 § 18 . is coir in clar do buain uaithe ┐ in bonn do losgad ┐ in ruadh rasach do ligin fai an glun, 52 § 19 . bídh a fis agad co fuil inadh ann nach dlegar do crechad mar atáit … ruadhrasach, O'Gr. Cat. 269 . ar tus don chruadcosaigi … a tarrang ┐ a crechad ┐ ruad rosac (rasach, v.l.) do ligen 'firstly concerning hardness of the legs … draw it and cauterize it and let [its] ruad rosac ' Celtica xvii 116 § 7 . in dā gabail ele fona troighibh anís gabaid ar aithibh na sliasat go tiagaid isna cosuibh sis ┐ is orro sin atāit na rūadha rasacha 'the two other branches under the feet from below go on the surfaces of the thighs and down into the legs, and it is upon those that the ruadha rasacha are', Ériu llxiv 19 ( 72.1.2 fo. 63r6 ). rúadh fhrasach, Ériu lxiv 14 ( G 11 289b28 ).