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1 rudrad

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Last Revised: 2013


Forms: rudra, rudartha, rudrada, rudart[h]a

n (? 2 ro + dúrad) u, m. occas. rudra. g s. rudartha. n p. rudrada; rudart[h]a, Laws v 314.8 . excessive delay ; lapse of legal right; prescriptive right, usucaption: rudrud .i. ro-dūradh, Corm. Y 1089 . rudrad [ruradh v.l.] .i. ro-dura[d] .i. beith co foda for ferann comaidhtech, O'Dav. 1355 . rudrad .i. ro-duradh .i. anadh fota for tír nach aile, H 3.18 p. 73 ( O'Curry 119 ). inann rudradh re rādh ┐ ro-tairisisium, H 3.18 p. 286 ( O'Curry 575 ). dechmad fri rudrad a ten-day period of grace on account of an excessive delay Celtica x 44 . senchathraig . . . imma roerad rudrad `old cities . . . wherein ownership has been acquired by long use', Fél. Prol. 206 . cen rudra im raind | d'óenaigib urgna `without long possession of a share in famous fairs', Metr. Dinds. iii 14 . Freq. in law-texts, in which different kinds of r.¤ are distinguished: ataat rudrad[a] māir ┐ bic. . . . Atte na rudrada mairi no miditar iar saeglaib na comorba iar n-áesaib techtaib .i. lxx no lxxx anni. . . . Is ann as rudrad o rosaigh co coiciur. . . . Ite na rudredui becci toimditar fri bliada[i]n ┐ mís ┐ laithe, ZCP xii 363.15 , 20 , 22 ( H 3.18 p. 9b ); i.e. `rudrada móra' are estimated by the normal length of a life-time, a rudrad extending to five lives, whereas `rudrada beca' are measured by year, month and day. ruthrod, ib. 27 . rudrad la coic saegail .i. . . . re rē cuicir, H 3.18 p. 229a ( O'Curry 417 ). atait secht rudart[h]a la Feine . . . rudrad ar aen-la, araile is r.¤ ar caegad bliadan, araile ni fil comus for a fot na for a ngairde, Laws v 314.8 (the follg. passage deals with the conditions under which the seven `rudrada' are determined). quorum si unus abesset non usucapio prodest .i. cidh bé do na cúic gneithibh testebhus uadha ní ba rudra do réir dlighidh tuaithe no eclaisi, H 3.17 c. 465 ( O'D. 625 ), i.e. usucapio does not hold either in civil or eccles. law if anything be lacking of the five life-times. aimsir rudartha gin fogurrudh, ib.

2 rudrad

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n deceit, false dealing (B. na f.?): a n-as gurma (.i. as duibhe) rúdhradh rīgh (.i. brég nó olc in rīgh), ZCP v 490.5 ; the same line occurs Ériu ix 46 § 14 & O'Dav. 1033 . See 3 rudrach.