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v ī. turns red; flushes, blushes : ataat trí toichnedai frisná ruide tocrád ríg `there are three fastings at which the offended majesty of a king does not blush', Críth G. 548 . memsite muineoil, ruidfes grīan, TBC-I¹ 3087 (reth.). ni tindtadh som cosin rig afrisi ar nach ruidead, BDD 19 (i.e. lest he should be ashamed, abashed ). cona rudind mo gnimae eter sirriti glaislaithe `that I should not incarnadine my deeds among raw striplings' (? lest I should blush for ), Ériu viii 172 z . Makes red : a Ri ruides grēin, Anecd. i 12.26 (but reithes is the reading in IT iii 19 ; 46 ).

? Ruri betha . . . ro rude im gretha glangéc confounded (?), SR 7074 . cotlud contuilius co sāim, | as ro ruidius maith nō mīadh, ZCP vii 307.3 (said by one resuscitated from the dead). See ruided.