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adj. and subst. (< ro-díles) `that which is specially belonging to (someone)', the peculiar property, right or characteristic (of a pers. or thing); generally used as pred. with cop. ruidleas .i. ro-dileas, Lec. Gl. 185 . is ruidles do rangabáil immognom fri ainsid construction with an accusative is a peculiarity of the participle , Sg. 188b1 . Of property: inad as ruidles do ríg `a king's demesne', Metr. Dinds. iii 168 . maith indse itáid . . . mochin rígu dian' ruidless, iv 92 . ruidleas díb in tír gá dathai cosnam the land you are defending is your own , Alex. 190 = is toich daib in ferann, BB ( IT ii 97 ). insin ccrich diarbo ruidhles na bú which owned the cattle , Hugh Roe 48.18 (f. 13b) . na ccéiledh nDé diar bhó ruidhles í (of a monastery), AFM vi 2250.17 . Of payments, rewards, etc. = fully conveyed; almsan . . . is r.¤ , ZCP xiii 20.16 . duais ḟiled is r.¤ , ib. 19 . ( Bürgschaft 7 ). As attrib.: a roim ruidles fein their own special burial-place , Fél. 214 . do setuib ruidilsi na man, Laws ii 298.4 Comm. Compar. ruidilsi do rig tuaithi primrot ina forrot `the principal road is more the peculiar property of the king . . . than the by-road', Laws iii 308.15 Comm. ni ruidhilsi dō in trian o n-ainmnigther nādat na da trian, etc., Auraic. 935 . Oft. as subst.: in tan na bid rígi nÉrend o[c] claind Chobthaig . . . ba cóiced Connacht a ruidles (.i. a flesc láma), LU 4083 . in tan nad gaoat rige i rruidless, Rawl. 149b37 ; cf. leighes aga fuil . . . do ruidlis comfurtacht na feithi whose special function it is to soothe the nerves , Rosa Angl. 256.6 . ruidlesa tuaithe, ZCP xiii 19.26 ( H 3.18 p. 19a ). fer fodgaib frith mbech . . . is diles do-suidiu, ar is oen-ruidles la Feine `it is one of the innate rights', Laws iv 194 x . écht i fail rīg a ruidles , MR 250.1 (i.e. a valiant deed wrought in presence of a king is ascribed to him, not to the doer). Folld. by defining gen.: ruidles athghabala na daoine so `liable to be taken in distress', Laws i 106.33 Comm. conid rudhilis dúdhchusa do Ibh Caomhain `hereditary patrimony', Hy Fiach. 158 . Of a prerogative: ruidles doib-sidhe Fir Bolg do ghairm diobh to them the name F.B. properly belongs , Leb. Gab.(i) i 118.19 . tosach ag dul i dtír námhad, . . . is ní do ruidhleas Dál gCais, Keat. iii 2996 (poem). Of metrical forms, etc. specially prescribed for the various classes of poets: tigernbard . . . is duan ┐ forduan a ruidles , IT iii 22 § 67 . tri ruidleas ollaman, ailghes, ┐ anamhain ┐ glaimh dicend, Rawl. B 506 f. 33b2 ( O'D. 2319 ). tri ruighlis ollamhan, H 2.15A p. 79b ( O'D. 1196 ). Of grammatical forms: fidh . . . ruidhles do fhedhaib aireghdhaibh, diles do forfhedhaib; coitchend immorro do thaebomnaib, Auraic. 764 (i.e. the term fidh `letter' in its strict sense applies only to the principal vowels, in a wider sense to diphthongs also, but is loosely used of consonants). (Of gender) dilius a tapairt for gach [n-insce] n-aiccenta iter fer-innsgi ┐ ban-innsgi. Ruidlius a tapairt for gach fer-insge aiccenta nama, 3034 (indsce `gender' in its strictest sense is used only of natural masc. gender or male sex). (Of measure in poetry) ruidhleas do filideacht . . . diles do bairdni, 756 (strict syllabic metre belongs to the poetry of the fili, that of the `bard' being measured by the ear and by `cóir anála').

? rersat re ruidles | la Pharo fechta (.i. do reimnighedar co roidilios isin aimsir a mbatar la P.) `very faithful', Leb. Gab.(i) i 278 = ré ruidlis, LL 14b28 ; ré rudlís, BB 42a41 . ruidhleas .i. roi-dhíleas, O'Cl. (etymol. gloss).